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591 submitted abstracts as of August 08.

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1 Mr. Yevhen Ablets Ukraine Nano- and microsized structures in metamorphic processes, reducing firing and component separation of iron oxide silicate materials
2 Mr. Yevhen Ablets Ukraine Mechanic- and nanostructured rocks in protective screens, medicine and balneology
3 Mr. Yuriy Adamchuk Ukraine Synthesis and application of nanocoatings with the use of high-energy power sources
4 Dr. Tetyana Afanasieva Ukraine Adsorption of transition metals (Cr, Mn) and oxygen on the Si(001) surface
5 Dr. Mohammad Ayaz AhmadSaudi Arabia Soft computing technique in nano-technology to improve the thermo-mechanical properties for aluminum-silicon alloy
6 Dr. Ilker AkinTurkey Catalytic hydrogen evolution by NiSx Nanomaterial at soft interfaces
7 Dr. Abdullah AlajmiKuwait Impact of Nano Silicon Nitride on mechanical and tribological behaviour of epoxy composites
8 Prof. Aleksandr AlekhinUkraine Nonlinear properties of critical nano-fluid for the novel technologies
9 Dr. Onder AliciTurkey Synthesis of some nano aminoglyoxime and their anti-bacterial properties
10 Prof. Abdulkadir AllıTurkey Synthesis and characterization of thermo-responsive biodegradable poly (linoleic acid) graft copolymers
11 Prof. Abdulkadir AllıTurkey Some polymerization techniques onto renewable sources to obtain graft copolymers
12 Mr. Abdulmenaf AltintasTurkey Optical properties of graphene quantum dots
13 Dr. Nazariy AndrushchakUkraine Perspectives of Design of Crystalline Nanocomposites with Tailored Anisotropy as Active Elements in Optoelectronics
14 Prof. Mehmet Yakup AricaTurkey Preparation of single step amidoxime, carboxyl and amino groups containing resins for removal of environmental pollutants
15 Prof. Mehmet Yakup AricaTurkey Molecularly imprinted polymer-coated silica particles for pre-concentration and detection of atrazine using quartz crystal microbalance sensor
16 Mr. Petro ArtemchukUkraine Microwave frequency detector based on array of nano-scale spin-torque microwave detectors
17 Mr. Viktor ArtemyukUkraine Obtaining and physical properties of mono- and multilayer silver and gold nanostructures
18 Dr. Tarik Asar Turkey The properties of low temperature operated In2O3 gas sensor for butane sensing
19 Ms. Vitaliy AsaulaUkraine Synthesis of mesomorphic glassy composites based on cobalt and cadmium caprylates with Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles
20Mr. Emre Aslan
21 Dr. Engin ATEŞERTurkey A computational study on the some physical properties of C42H6S6 molecule and its substructures
22 Mr. Ivan BabichukUkraine Optical and structure properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 grown by DC magnetron sputtering with extended linear sizes
23 Mr. Roman BabkinUkraine Luminescence spectrum of the carbon-nitride films doped by the europuim ions
24 Dr. Hüseyin UnverTurkey Experimental, DFT, biological activity and molecular docking studies of 5-ethylsulphonyl-2-phenyl-benzoxazole
25 Dr. Mehmet BahatTurkey DFT calculations on the structure, electronic and optical properties of hBN-C66H17 molecules
26 Dr. Deghfel BahriAlgeria Study of structural, mechanical and electronic properties of 3R-CuGa1-xFexO2 super lattice from first principle calculations
27 Dr. Matej BalážSlovakia Bio-approach for the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles
28 Prof. Peter BalážSlovakia Synthesis of quaternary Cu2FeSnS4 nanocrystals via solid-state route: Up-scalable and low-cost fabrication of a challenging material for photovoltaic cells
29 Ms. Anastasiay BalegaUkraine Nanostructured flocculants Dextran-graft-Polyacrylamide. Effect of internal molecular structure on flocculative efficiency
30 Mrs. Karolina BałuszyńskaPoland The monitoring of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 coatings modified by silver nanoparticles
31 Dr. Maksym BarabashUkraine Quantum dynamics of the nanoscale structural inhomogeneities of the domain wall in uniaxial ferromagnets
32 Dr. Valerii BarbashUkraine The influence of technological factors on the properties of optically transparent nanocellulose films
33 Dr. Tetiana BarlasUkraine Surface-barrier heterostructures on the base of nanoporous GaAs
34 Mrs. Viktoria BartosovaSlovakia Green synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles by using extracts of selected medicinal plants
35 Dr. Adriana BarylyakUkraine EMR study of ROS generated by irradiation of TiO2:S,C/hydroxyapatite/fluorapatite
36 Dr. Gleb BaryshnikovSweden First example of organic/inorganic LEDs based on tandem emission of organic electromers and inorganic perovskite
37 Ms. Anna BashtovaUkraine A study external noise-induced effects in processes of voids growth

38 Prof. Gulay BayramogluTurkey Construction of aptamer based system for purification of lysozyme from egg white
39 Prof. Gulay BayramogluTurkey Cross-linked enzyme aggregate systems for degradation of textile dyes
40 Prof. Wiesława Bażela-WróbelPoland Magnetic interactions in Mn sublattice of the polycrystalline and nanoparticle TbMnO3 manganite
41 Dr. Liliya BazylyakUkraine Bimetallic AgxCuy nanoparticles stabilized by polybutylmethacrylate as the fillers for electroconductive compositions
42 Ms. Tetyana BeinykUkraine Obtaining and properties of gold nanocrystals of different morphology
43 Ms. Anastasiay BalegaUkraine Nanostructured flocculants Dextran-graft-Polyacrylamide. Effect of internal molecular structure on flocculative efficiency
44 Dr. Mikhail BelogolovskiiUkraine Tunneling into a superconductor with a normal nanoscale near-surface layer
45 Mr. Andrii BendakUkraine Optical properties of non-stechiometric Cu6PS5I-based thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
46 Prof. Nicolas BerchenkoPoland Grain boundaries in IV-VI nanocomposites: analysis of factors which may influence their composition during fabrication of nanocrystals
43 Mr. Yaroslav Bezsmolnyy Ukraine The analyze of nano-size inhomogeneities of substrate by surface electrons over superfluid helium film
44 Dr. Olga BiloivanUkraine ND\PAH Modified Screen Printed Carbone Electrodes for NADH detection.
45 Prof. Yaroslav BobitskiUkraine Properties nanostructured DLC:Ag/PMMA composites for dental applications
46 Ms. Olesya BokoteyUkraine Pockels effect in the Hg3S2Cl2 polymorphs
47 Ms. Olesya BokoteyUkraine Optical transitions in the Hg3Se2Cl2 crystals
49 Dr. Paskoviya BoltovetsUkraine Interaction between bionanomaterials based supramolecular structures and Tobacco Mosaic Virus
50 Dr. Yuliia BondarUkraine Composite polyacrylonitrile fibers with surface coated potassium nickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles: synthesis and application
51 Ms. Natalia BondarenkoUkraine Evaluation of energy of the isolated metastable FCC iron nanocluster with carbon atom in the tetragonal interstice
52 Ms. Mariya BorovayaUkraine Study the toxic effects of biologically synthesized CdS quantum dots on the various living systems
53 Mr. Viktor BorysiukUkraine Studies of N(B)-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene as promising materials for the removal of oxyanions
54 Mr. Kateryna BorisovaUkraine Sol-gel synthesis and conductivity NaLn9(SiO4)6O2
55 Mr. Rostyslav BovhyraUkraine Ab initio study of structural and electronical properties of ZnO nanoclusters
56 Mr. Serhiy BoykoUkraine Field effect transistor with high density heterojunction gate
57 Dr. Ranjeet Kumar BrajpuriyaIndia Synthesis and smooth transfer of large area high qulity CVD graphene
58 Dr. Oleg BratusUkraine Influence of temperature on conductivity of SiOx and SiO2(Si) films for temperature sensor
59 Mr. Yuriy BudashUkraine Morphology of filled mixture polypropylene/polyvinyl alcohol
60 Mrs. Tetyana BudnyakUkraine New approaches for synthesis and functionalization of bionanocomposites chitosan-silica
61 Mrs. Tetyana BudnyakUkraine Anionic azo dyes extraction by chitosan-silica hybrid composites from the neutral aqueous solutions
62 Dr. Svitlana BugaychukUkraine Enhanced nonlinear-optical response in hybrid liquid crystal cells based on photonic crystalline substrates
63 Dr. Zdenka BujnakovaSlovakia Mechanochemistry of chitosan coated zinc sulfide (ZnS) colloidan nanocrystals for bioimaging applications
64 Mr. Anatolii BukivskiiUkraine Nature of recombination processes in PbCdI2 layered solid solutions
65 Mrs. Tetiana BulavinetsUkraine Modeling optical properties of the multilayer nanoshells for biomedical applications
66 Ms. Şule BulutTurkey Green synthesis of gold nanoforms in various structures
67 Dr. Ivanna ButrakUkraine Stress state of elastic half-space with compliant inclusion under Rayleigh wave incidence
68 Dr. Valrii BykovUkraine Electrolytic nano-scale composite powders of WC and W2C produced in molten salts for electrocatalysis
69 Ms. Olga BykovaUkraine Catalytic activity of Pd nanoparticles on carriers of different nature in Suzuki reaction
70 Prof. Jozef CebulskiPoland Nanoscale inhomogeneities mapping in Ga-modified arsenic selenide glasses
71 Mr. Kordian ChamerskiPoland Nanoscale observation of dehydration process in hydrophilic polymeric structures
72 Dr. Volodymyr ChegelUkraine The plasmonic nanocontainers for regulated drug delivery
73 Mr. Andrii ChobotarovUkraine Impact of TiO2 on the energy charge of Azotobacter vinelandii
74 Mrs. Nataliia ChornaUkraine Synthesis of nonporous nitrogen doped iron/titania thin films and their optical, structure and photocatalytic activity in redox photoreactions
75 Dr. Vitalii ChorniiUkraine Synthesis, structure and luminescence properties of ZrO2 nanoparticles doped with flourine and europium
76 Dr. Serhii ChornobukUkraine Reaction hot pressing as a method to produce ultra high temperature nanostructured composite ceramics
77 Prof. Ben-Shung ChowTaiwan, Republic Of China Extending the depth of field for a microscope system
78 Dr. Agnieszka ChrzanowskaPoland The Twist Bend Nematic Liquid Crystals Structure
79 Dr. Oksana ChukovaUkraine Synthesis and properties of the R1-xCaxVO4, R = La, Y, Eu, Nd (0 ≤ x ≤ 0,5) compounds
80 Prof. Ahmet CoskunTurkey Synthesis of Thiazole by Nano Catalyzed
81 Dr. Victor Dan'koUkraine Plasmonic structures fabricated by interference lithography for experimental study of localized and propagating surface plasmons on Au gratings
82 Prof. Vitaliy DanilchenkoUkraine Nanocrystalline structure of Fe-31wt.%Ni alloy
83 Dr. Igor DanilenkoUkraine The peculiarities of creation of zirconia based nanocomposites with addition of Al2O3 and NiO
84 Prof. Vitaly DatsyukUkraine Longitudinal electromagnetic waves in metals and their role in formation of the laser-induced surface structures
85 Ms. Olga DavydovaBelarus Luminescent materials based on yttrium-aluminum garnet for LED lighting devices
86 Dr. Aleksander DawidPoland Computer simulation of collision-induced spectra of confined argon-xenon mixture
87 Dr. Aleksander DawidPoland Vibrational spectra of acetaminophen-cholesterol system: DFT calculations
88 Dr. Valeriy DemchenkoUkraine Innovative method of polyethylene welding under the effect of strong constant magnetic field
89 Dr. Valeriy DemchenkoUkraine Nanocomposites based on interpolyelectrolyte complex poly(4-vinylpyridine-pectiv and Ag0 nanoparticles formed under the effect of magnetic or electric field: Structure and thermomechanical properties
90 Dr. Lesya DemchenkoUkraine The effect of alloying with Mn on physical properties of Cu-Al-Mn alloys after thermomagnetic treatment
91 Ms. Khrystyna DemydovaUkraine Synthesis of hybrid organic-inorganic composites
92 Mr. Maksym DiakovUkraine Gewald adducts as a new source of selenium in synthesis of AIIBVI luminescent nanoparticles
93 Dr. Oleg DimitrievUkraine Effect of confinement on physical properties of P3HT chains in PMMA matrix
94 Ms. Havva DincTurkey Hydrophobic surface properties of PBI/PVDF blend nanofiber
95 Prof. N.L. DmitrukUkraine Post-deposition thermally driven formation and morphology of ultra-thin metal nanoparticle films
96 Mr. Meriç DoğanTurkey Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from walnut for biotechnological applications
97 Dr. Igor DubeyUkraine A theoretical study of cation movement in G-quadruplex DNA nanostructure
98 Dr. Igor DubeyUkraine Synthesis of the conjugate of tricationic porphyrin telomerase ingibitor TMP3 with polymalic acid
99 Dr. Oksana DudarkoUkraineSynthesis of adsorbents with the remains of phosphonic acid based on the metasilicate
100 Mrs. Oksana DudkaUkraine Formation of nanotitons in electric fields by spatially controlled chemical reactions
101 Prof. Sıtkı DumanTurkey Anticancer drug carrier properties of Silicene
102 Ms. Alona DyadenchukUkraine Determination of energy of the ground state of an electron in a quantum wire ZnO
103 Dr. Yevgenij DzevinUkraine Substantiatin of epitaxial growth of diamond crystals on the surface of the carbide Fe3AlC0.66 phase
104 Prof. Yurii DzhezheryaUkraine Magnetic resonance in a ferromagnetic film with modulated anisotropy under the orientational phase-transition
105 Prof. Yuliya DzyazkoUkraine Organic-inorganic membranes for electrodialytic desalination of glycerine containing impurities of biogenic origin
106 Prof. Yuliya DzyazkoUkraine Composite materials for baromembrane treatment of grain distillery
107 Dr. Şeref ErtulTurkey Synthesis of the Derivatives Having Different Functional Groups of p-tert-butyl-Calix [4] arene, Their Nanofibers Production and Using for HAS Protein immobilization
108 Prof. Alexander FainleibUkraine Subnano-sized “particles” - invisible but effective: polycyanurate/silica subnano- and nanocomposites obtained by sol-gel synthesis, their nanostructure and properties
109 Dr. Pascal FebvreFrance Analysis of optimal barrier configurations for self-shunted Josephson junctions
110 Dr. Mykola FedorchenkoUkraine The influence of defects on the properties of Si-Gd-O cathode
111 Mr. George FedorenkoUkraine Semiconductor gas sensors based on Pd/SnO2 nanomaterials for methane detection in air
112 Dr. Jozef FejérSlovakia Green synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles by using of polyphenolic compounds from Blackcurrant and Elderberry
113 Mrs. Mariia FerensUkraine The introduction of fluorescein into the structure of pseudo-poly(amino acids) and study of their colloidal-chemical properties
114 Mrs. Svitlana FilipchenkoUkraine Nanosystem for targeted delivery of medicaments into tumor cells
115 Prof. Jacek FilipeckiPoland Measurements of nano structures of the telluric glass 70TeO2-5(XOn)-10P2O5-10ZnO-5PbF2 doped with ions of the rare earth element Er3+
116 Dr. Svitlana FilonenkoUkraine Carbothermal synthesis of porous silicon carbide using silica mesoporous molecular sieves
117 Prof. Antonino S. FiorilloItaly Zeolite thin films – current state and feature trends
118 Prof. Volodymyr FitioUkraine A numerical solution of the stationary Schrödinger equation for multilayer quantum structure in a frequency domain
119 Ms. Daria FranskevychUkraine Fullerene C60 penetration into leukemic cells and its photoinduced effect on protein phosphotyrosine status
120 Dr. Liliya FrolovaUkraine Peculiarities of cobalt ferrite nanopoweders sinthesis with using contract nonequilibrium plasma
121 Dr. Ivan GabUkraine Annealing influence on dispersion kinetics of palladium and platinum nanofilms deposited onto oxide materials
122 Dr. Angelina GabUkraine Chemicometallurgical method for tungsten based nanopowders obtaining
123 Ms. Zoya GagolkinaUkraine The influence of Fe3+ complex on the microheterogeneous structure of the cross-linked polyurethanes with carbon nanotubes
124 Prof. Pavlo GaliyUkraine Formation and STM study of indium induced nanostructures on In4Se3 (100) surface
125 Prof. Pavlo GaliyUkraine Micro-, nano- and electron energy structure of cleavage surfaces of NixInSe hybrid intercalate systems
126 Prof. Zygmunt GburskiPoland Structural and dynamical properties of argon-krypton binary mixture confined between graphite slabs: Molecular dynamics simulation
127 Prof. Zygmunt GburskiPoland Properties of cholesterol – fullerene binary cluster: MD simulations
128 Ms. Karolina GdulaPoland Adsorption of Ag(I) ions onto mono- and bi-functionalized polysiloxanes with magnetic core
129 Ms. Karolina GdulaPoland Surface and electrochemical properties of amine-functionalized silica adsorbents with magnetic core
130 Dr. Igor GerasimchukUkraine Dynamics of Electrolyte in the Vicinity of Ferromagnetic Solids Under Magneto-Chemical Treatment
131 Ms. Joanna GinterPoland Design and fabrication of titanium dioxide inverse opals doped with silver nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications
132 Dr. Gennadiy GlibitskiyUkraine Effect of flavin mononucleotide on the texture of BSA films
133 Prof. Eugene GlushkoUkraine The multimode island kind photonic crystal resonator: states classification
134 Mr. Bogdan GolichenkoUkraine Low-temperature SERS and FTIR study of Adenine, Glutamine and Asparagine molecules on substrates with silver nanoparticles
135 Dr. Igor GolineyUkraine Generation of pulses of excitonic condensed phase in coupled quantum wells at steady pumping
136 Dr. Andrey GoloborodkoUkraine Nonlinear optical response of nanosilicon films
137 Dr. Natalya GoloborodkoUkraine Techniques of improving the response magnitude for gas sensors based on ІТО films
138 Prof. Alexander GolubUkraine Fullerene-silica noncomposite in imunotherapy of metastasizing lang cancer
139 Prof. Vladimir GolubUkraine Magnetic dynamics of Fe20Pd80 thin films and circular dot arrays
140 Dr. Olena GoncharukUkraine Nanostructured silica films: surface roughness regulation by plasma treatment and nanoparticles
141 Dr. Oksana GorbanUkraine Features of F-modification of tetragonal zirconia: impact on nanoparticles characteristics
142 Dr. Andrii GoriachkoUkraine The nanostructuring of atomically flat Ru(0001) along oxidation and reduction routes
143 Prof. Vyasheslav GorshkovUkraine Transport of atoms in the near-surface region under sublimation and sintering in the system of nanoparticles
144 Dr. Olga GrigoryevaUkraine Thermostable nanomaterials for aerospace applications
145 Dr. Viktor GrinevychUkraine Thermogravimetric study of nano SnO2 precursors
146 Dr. Iryna GrynyukUkraine C60 fullerene interacts with human serum albumin
147 Prof. Iurii GudymaUkraine Phase transitions in Ising-like spin-crossover model with nonlinear intersite interaction
148 Prof. Iurii GudymaUkraine Effects of pressure on phase transitions in spin-crossover molecular nanocrystal
149 Prof. Aleksey GuglyaUkraine Nano-porous thin film Vnx hydrogen absorbents: method of production, structure formation mechanism and properties
150 Mr. Abdurrahman Taha GulderenTurkey The effect of structural differences of nanostructures to enzymatic polymerization of glycolic and lactic acid
151 Mrs. Merve Nurhan GüneyTurkey A computation study on the some physical properties of B, N and Al doped coronene molecule
152 Mr. Mehmet GürsoyTurkey Encapsulation of micro-scale natural particles by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
153 Dr. Kristina GusakovaUkraine Track-etched membranes based on the modified Cyanate Ester Resins
154 Mr. Pavel GusevikUkraine Influence of ion-plasma sputtering conditions and mechanical stresses on the Bi and Ni films structure
155 Prof. Bilgehan GuzelTurkey Novel Palladium (II) schiff base complexes as a new precursor for the deposition on SBA-15 in scCo2 media
156 Mr. Yevhenii HavryliukUkraine Optically induced structural transformation in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
157 Dr. Yuriy HizhnyiUkraine Studies of sensing and storage capabilities of B(N)-doped carbon nanostructures by electronic structure calculations
158 Dr. Aleksey HlopitskiyUkraine Ashes and slag waste as secondary raw materials in producing nanomaterials
159 Mr. Vitalii HoncharovUkraine Structural, catalytic and thermal properties of stainless steel with nanoscale surface layer
160 Mr. Vasyl HrebUkraine Anomalous thermal expansion of HoCo0.5Cr0.5O3 probed by X-ray synchrotron powder diffraction
161 Dr. Vesna Karapetkovska HristovaMacedonia Artificial neural networking model for the study of viscous fluids in macedonian dairy farms
162 Mr. Volodymyr HrynUkraine Formation of 2D structures by holographical method and their application
163 Prof. Olha HrytsynaUkraine A gradient-type continuum theory for thermoelastic dielectrics: Accounting for mass and charge transfer
164 Dr. Anastasiia HubinaUkraine Design and characterization of PEM based on xanthan and ortohposphoric acid
165 Dr. Malgorzata HylaPoland Network-forming nanoclusters in binary As-S/Se glasses: from ab-initio quantum-chemical modeling to experimental evidences
166 Dr. Viktor IakovlevUkraine Cyclec martenisitic transformations influence on the diffusion of carbon atoms in Fe-18wt.%Mn-2wt.%Si alloy
167 Dr. Denis IakushevUkraine Plasmon-polariton excitations on surfaces with fluctuating impedance: Localization, scattering, and instability against dissipation
168 Mr. Pavlo IhnatoliaUkraine Modeling and ab initio DFT studies of As4Sm (m=0-6) cage-like nanoclusters and 12-membered As-S ring conformers
169 Mrs. Svitlana IlchenkoUkraine Optimization of metal multilayer-dielectric structure for plasmonic holography
170 Mr. Sviatoslav IliashUkraine Relaxation kinetics in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot-chain structures
171 Dr. Andrey IljinUkraine Nano-structuring in highly viscous chiral LC compositions
172 Ms. Mariia LukaniukUkraine Nanostructured Au chips with enhanced sensitivity for SPR sensors
173 Dr. Adam IngramPolandFree volume structure of acrylic-type dental nanocomposites tested with annihilating positrons
174 Dr. Mykola IsaievUkraine Molecular dynamics simulations of the nanoscale droplet shape in the external force field
175 Dr. Maksym IurzhenkoUkraine Nanostructurization and structural relaxation of the polyethylenes’ welded joints formed under the impact of the constant magnetic field
176 Dr. Nina IvanovaUkraine Preparation for treatment Alzheimer’s Disease
177 Prof. Ihor IzhninUkraine Temperature spectra of conductance of Ge/Si p-i-n structures with Ge quentum dots
178 Dr. Małgorzata JurakPoland Ternary Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers of lipids and lauryl gallate
179 Dr. Oleg KabatUkraine Heat-resistant compositional materials based on difenilolsulfonformaldehyde oligomer and silicon oxide
180 Ms. Milena KaczmarekPoland The study of physicochemical properties of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy
181 Dr. Kira KalinichenkoUkraine On the nature of the sludge nanocomposites for land application
182 Mr. Vitalii KalynovskyiUkraine Silver nanoparticles affect testicular function of the rats of different age
183 Mr. Volodymir KamenschickovUkraine Dielectric properties of PbGa2S4 crystal in the optic range
184 Mr. Olexandr KaminskiyUkraine Adsorption of Au3+ ions from water solutions by SiO2/DMSA nanocomposites
186 Dr. Egor KaniukovBelarus Bioapplication of FeNi nanotubes
187 Dr. Lyudmyla KarabanovaUkraine Nanocomposites based on thermosetting polyurethane and multi-walled carbonanotubes with surface functionalization
188 Dr. Lyudmyla KarabanovaUkraine Nanocomposites based on semi-IPN and nanofiller modified by aminoacid glycine for biomedical application
189 Prof. Victor Karachevtsev Ukraine Photoluminescence enhancement from semiconducting carbon nanotubes due to amino acid doping: influence of the polymer coverage and the external conditions
190 Mrs. Ann KarakurkchiUkraineNanoscale oxide PEO-coatings forming from pyrophosphate electrolytes
191 Prof. Volodymyr KarbivskyyUkraine Preparation of nanowires based on the tobacco mosaic virus and gold nanoparticles
192 Dr. Ivan KarbovnykUkraine Nanostructured Oriented Layers of Organic Molecules for Multicolor Emitting Devices
193 Prof. Alexander KasatkinUkraine Microwave properties of high-Tc superconductor films with implanted dielectric nanoparticles
194 Ms. Valentina KaurkovskaUkraine Simulation of pattern formation in drying droplets of colloidal suspension of unoriented rods (k­-mers)
195 Mrs. Veronika KaurkovskaUkraine Effect of deviations from stoihometria on electrostatic potential of surface of vanadium dioxide
196 Dr. Taras KavetskyyUkraine Carbonization and formation of metal nanoparticles processes in ion-implanted PMMA
197 Ms. Julia KaykanUkraine Controlling the composition, microstructure and electrical properties of Li0.5Fe1.7Mg0.8O4 powders synthesized by sol gel auto-combustion method using citric acid as a fuel
198 Ms. Olga KeritaUkraine Thermally stimulated luminescence of silicon organic polymers and nancomposites
199 Dr. Leonid KernazhitskyUkraine Photoactivity of nanostructured TiO2/MnOx composites. Spectroscopic studies
200 Mrs. Lina KeushUkraine Pitch coke as a feedstock for synthesis of carbon nanotubes
201 Mrs. Svitlana KhalameidaUkraine Doping of nano-sized tin oxide and hydroxide and their physico-chemical properties
202 Dr. Md. Maksudur Rahman KhanMalaysia CO2 reduction to methanol under visible light irradiation over nanostructured CuFe2O4/TiO2 photocatalyst
203 Mrs. Oksana KharchenkoUkraine Novel methacrylic polymers with styrylquinoline side-group as optically active moiety
204 Ms. Anastasiia KharchenkoUkraine Influence of the ionic strenght on the acid-base properties of polycyclic weak acids binding to the poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) macromolecules in water solutions
205 Mr. Yuriy KharchenkoUkraine Low-temperature magneto-optical properties of microcavity magnetic photonic crystals with the temperature of magnetic compensation
206 Dr. Vasyl KharchenkoUkraine Temperature effects and adsorbate nano-sized structures formation at condensation from gaseous phase
207 Prof. Dmitrii KharchenkoUkraine Pattern selection in a surface layer of irradiated foils: effect of the surface layer temperature variations
208 Ms. Maria KhlistyukUkraineThermal expansion of quasi­two­dimensional organic conductors k-(BEDT­TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl
209 Dr. Nataliya KhmilUkraine Effect of local anesthetics on cells hydration at drug-receptor reactions
210 Dr. Larysa KhomenkovaUkraine Comparative investigation of the formation of semiconductor nanocrystals in non-stoichiometric high-k materials
211 Dr. Larysa KhomenkovaUkraine Effect of Ge content on the formation of Ge nanoclusters in magnetron sputtered GeZrOx-based structures
212 Dr. Alexander KhovavkoUkraine Some aspects of CNTs synthesis by products of natural gas conversion on the fresh-reduced iron
213 Mr. Igor KhytrukUkraine Properties of doped GaSb whiskers at low temperature
214 Mr. Filip KinzerskyiUkraine The surface response of brominated carbon media on laser and thermal excitation
215 Prof. Natalya KizilovaUkraine Complex flows of immiscible microfluids and nanofluids between coaxial tubes
216 Prof. Gertruda KlimushevaUkraine Resonance excitation of the noble metal nanoparticles embedded in the linear and nonlinear optical metal alkonoate matrices
217 Dr. Halyna KlymUkraine Nanostructurization in GeS2-Ga2S3-CsCl chalcogenide glasses studied with coupling positron-positronium trapping algorithm
218 Mrs. Olena KlymukUkraine Periodic modulations of a magnetostatic field in a ferromagnetic cylinder and their influence on etching figure formation in acid solutions
219 Dr. Iurii KogutUkraine Fast fabrication and thermoelectric properties of doped Bi2Te3-xSex bulk nanostructures
220 Mr. Valerii KolesnichenkoUkraine Tribological behaviour of Si3N4-based nanocomposites
221 Ms. Julia KolodkevichBelarusCompacting materials based on MAX phase by impulse loading method
222 Prof. Dorota KolodynskaPoland Heavy metal ions removal by pyrolox - static and dynamic studies
223 Dr. Albert KomarovUkraine Optical spectroscopy of semimagnetic CdMgTe/CdMnTe heterostructures
224 Dr. Oleksandr KondratUkraine Laser modification of the structure and morphology of chalcogenide nanolayers studied by X-ray photoelectron, optical absorption edge and Raman spectroscopy.
225 Mr. Vladimir KondratievEstonia Directional resonance fluorescence from the ZnO:Al films
226 Mr. Andrew KondratyukUkraine The structure and spectral properties of graphene, mechanochemically functionalized under the influence of ammonium fluoride
227 Dr. Sergiy KonoplyukUkraineInfluence of phase content on physical properties of nanostructured Cu-Mn-Al and Cu alloys
228 Prof. Anatoliy KorolUkraine Conductance of the graphene - superconductive graphene junction with the different Fermi velocity values
229 Mr. Mixail KoshelevUkraine High temperature oxidation of NiSi and NiSi2 films
230 Dr. Denis KosyanovRussian Federation Effect of Nd3+ ions on phase transformations and microstructure of 0-4 at.% Nd3+:Y3Al5O12 transparent nanoceramics
231 Prof. Sergiy KotrechkoUkraine An approach to prediction of stability and durability of carbon-based nanodevices
232 Dr. Volodymyr KotsyubynskyUkraine The effect of SO42- anions on the ultrafine titania nucleation
233 Mr. Bohdan KovalchukUkraine Defects of different genesis of MCNTs and their effect on properties
234 Ms. Olha KovalenkoUkraine Determination of the protonation center of the spiropyran molecule
235 Mrs. Mariya KovalenkoUkraine DFT study of electronic and optical properties of ZnO thin films doped with In, Al and Ga
236 Mr. Kostiantyn KovalovUkraine The dielectric properties cellulose nanoparticles – water’s systems in range 90÷400 K
237 Mr. Kostiantyn KovalovUkraine Phase transitions of 1-octadecene in silica gel based nanocomposites
238 Ms. Marianna KovalovaUkraine Si/ITO heterojunction with CdTe quantum dots for solar cells application
239 Dr. Evgeniya KovalskaTurkey Electrochromic Li-ion battery
239 Mr. Vadim KozhanovUkraine The effect of preparation temperature on the efficiency of composite metal oxides catalysts containing noble metals
240 Mr. Roman KozakevychUkraine Preparation and characterization polyvinyl chloride film doped with CuO/SiO2 nanocomposite for the nitric oxide release
241 Dr. Artem KozyrevUkraine Pinning in MgB2 bulk superconductors manufactured under high pressure
242 Mr. Serhii KrasnovydUkraine Paramagnetic properties of fullerene derived nanomaterials and their polymeric composites: interaction with molecular oxygen
243 Mr. Serhii KrasnovydUkraine Anomalous paramagnetic behavior of the pyrolyzed nanostructured carbon (natural coal)
244 Mr. Piotr KraszkiewiczPoland Diagram of non-destructive transformations of ethanol over graphene/doped ceria nanocomposite catalyst
245 Mr. Oleh KravetsUkraine Green-emitting Gd3Ga5O12:Tb3+ nanoparticles phosphor: synthesis, structure and luminescence
246 Mrs. Justyna KrukowskaPoland Use of magnetic biochar in the removal of heavy metal ions from waters and wastewaters
247 Prof. Mykola KrupaUkraine Current spin-orbit-induced microwave spin dynamics in magnetic nanostructures
248 Dr. Oksana KrupkaUkraine Optical properties of functionalized DNA
249 Ms. Magdalena KrupskaPoland Characterization and modification of Fe3O4 thin films
250 Ms. Magdalena KrupskaPoland Study of Ti, V and their oxides based thin films after a hydrogen charging
251 Ms. Magdalena KrupskaPoland Surface and stability characterization of Fe/Pd thin films
252 Prof. Tsezarii KryskovUkraine Thermoelectirc properties PbTe:Ag with carbon nanoparticles
253 Mr. Ivan KucherenkoUkraine Usage of gold nanoparticles/polymer/enzymes composite for development of adenosine triphosphate biosensor
254 N.A.KugaiUkraine Experimental studies of formation conditions of nanocrystalline bcc-phase in the alloys Ce-Ag system
555 Mr. Ms. Olena Kukolevska Ukraine Synthesis and examination of nanocomposites based on poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) for medicinal use
256 Dr. Bohdan KulykUkraine Optimization of nonlinear optical properties in conjugated azo-based compounds
257 Mr. Mykola KulykUkraine Phase transitions and coercivity of blocked superparamagnetic and superferromagnetic states in the ensemble of Stoner-Wohlfarth particles. The Monte Carlo simulation
258 Mrs. Liudmyla KulykUkraine Investigation of bioactivity of polyurethane ureas containing folate-derivative of ferrocene in vito
259 Dr. Larisa KuynitskayaUkraine Micelles of PAAc/PAAm Block Copolymers for Doxorubicin Delivery
260 Mr. Aleksandr KuprinUkraine Nanomechanical properties of silicon irradiated by deuterium
261 Mr. Aleksandr KuprinUkraine Nanohardness of Zr-2,5Nb alloy irradiated by deuterium
262 Prof. Ivan KurdishUkraine Nanomaterials based on natural minerals as a way of improving the efficiency of bacterial preparations in plant cultivation
263 Mrs. Roman KurichkaUkraine Selective introduction of Cu impurity into fine-dispersed ZnS obtained during the process of one-stage synthesis
264 Mr. Sergii KurlovUkraine Effect of longitudinal optical phonons in quantum cascade lasers for midinfrared and teraherts spectral ranges
265 Ms. Alla KuryliukUkraine Application of nanofilled polymer coatings for increasing the radiation resistance of solar cells
266 Prof. Nina KushchevskaUkraine Novel ferromagnetic nanocomposites for biomedical applications
267 Mr. Markijan KushlykUkraine Origin of dislocation luminescence centers and their reorganization in p-type silicon crystal
268 Mr. Bohdan KushnirUkraine Surface topology of Ga2O3 thin nanostructured dielectric formed on p-GaTe – n-InSe interface
269 Mr. Andrii KusyakUkraine Adsorption of Pb2+ ions from human plasma by Fe3O4/SiO2 nanocomposites
270 Dr. Nataliya KutsevolUkraine Thermoresponsible properties of aqueous Dextran-graft-PNIPAM/embedded gold nanoparticles systems
271 Ms. Liliia KuzmenkoUkraine Energy transfer in CeF3:Tb nanoparticles – ctab shell – chlorin e6 system
272 Prof. Giorgi KvesitadzeGeorgia The Role of Chemical Bonds in Dimensional Effect of Nanomaterials
273 Dr. Andriy KytsyaUkraine Synthesis of surface-free monodisperse copper nanoplates
274 Mr. Kysel DmytroUkraine Light emission in SiO2:C and Al2O3:C nanocomposites
275 Ms. Marharyta LakustaUkraine The effect of a small amount SiO2 on sintering kinetics of tetragonal zirconia nanopowders
276 Dr. Karina LamonovaUkraine EPR and luminescence spectrum interpretation by the modified crystal field theory/ Prospects for nanosystem studies
277 Dr. Tetyana LebyedyevaUkraine Fabrication of gold-coated nanoporous anodic alumina
278 Prof. Volodymyr LedovskykhUkraine Design and optimization of synergistic inhibitive compositions for the formation of corrosion-resistant nanostructured coatings
279 Ms. Irina LegchenkovaUkraine Structure and sorption properties of carbon nanomaterial obtained by thermocatalytic dissociation of CO molecules
280 Mr. Sergey LemishkoUkraine Percolation magnetism in ferroelectric nanoparticles
281 Mr. Yuri LenUkraine The oxidation of 1ML of transitional metal film on Si(001)
282 Mr. Evgenij LeonenkoUkraine Hierarchial structuration of the ‘green’ silver nanoparticles in time of mesoscopic ordering in the channel of mesostructured TiO2 films
284 Mr. Volodymyr LiakhovetskyiUkraine Linear and nonlinear optical properties of composite thin film PdO/Pd
285 Dr. Kira LiapinaUkraine Application of aliminde nanoparticles for purification of sugar production semi-finished products from high-molecular compounds
286 Mr. Vitalii LidychUkraine Size effect at deformation and fracture of bcc metal nanowires
287 Mr. Nikita LiedienovUkraine Structural, magnetic, 55Mn NMR and magnetotransport properties of (La0.6Sr0.3Mn1.1O3)1−x(LaCu2O4)x composite ceramics
288 Dr. Oksana LinnikUkraine Iron doped TiO2 films synthesized in N2/Ch4 atmospheres using Pulsed Laser Deposition technique: structure and photocatalytic properties
289 Ms. Bozhena LinovaUkraine Synthesis and investigation of electrical properties of Li1,3Al0,3Ti1,7(PO4)3 thick films with NASICON structure
290 Prof. Vladyslav LisnyakUkraine Understanding the behavior of catalytic systems prepared by noble metal anchoring on the silica surface
291 Ms. Yaroslava LopatinaUkraine Hydrophilicity of Au(111) surface modified by alkanethiols: from molecule to material
292 Dr. Yaroslav LosovyjUnited States Electronic structure of nano sized gold
293 Mr. Oleg LozitskyUkraine Microwave properties of one-dimensional hybrid quasi-periodic multilayered photonic structure
294 Mr. Sergey LugovskiyUkraine The radii and the temperature range of existence of clusters in liquid metals
295 Ms. Olga LukianovaRussia Physical and mechanical properties of ceramics based on silicon nitride
296 Mrs. Irina LukienkoUkraine Superparamagnetic magneto-optic properties of epitaxial [Co(111)/Cu(111)]20 nanofilms, grown by magnetron sputtering
297 Mr. Vitaliy LupynisUkraine Star-like dextran-graft-pnipam copolymers. Synthesis and structural feaures
298 Prof. Anatoliy LuzanovUkraine Modified partition ratio approach for searching and analyzing local orbitals in small carbon nanoclusters
299 Dr. Yurij LyashenkoUkraine Determination of the effective diffusion coefficients for inhomogeneous media and computer modeling of the diffusional phase interaction in the nanostructured two-phase systems
300 Ms. Oksana LynchakUkraine Comparative analysis of the C60 Fullerene and Cytostatic 5­-Fluorouracil antineoplastic activity in vivo
301 Mr. Roman LysUkraine Change in surface conductivity of elastically deformed p-Si crystals irradiated by X-Rays
302 Dr. Peter LytvynUkraine Magnetic fine structure of implanted Y3Fe5O12 films resolved by magnetic force microscopy
303 Dr. Yulia LytvynenkoUkraine Features of structurization of the SEBS welded joints formed by chemical and physical welding methods
304 Mr. Andrzej MaciągPoland Zinc oxide films prepared by spray pyrolysis and chemical method
305 Dr. Abdelhafid MahrougAlgeria Elaboration and characterization of Al-doped ZnO nanostructured thin films for ultraviolet photodetectors
306 Dr. Antonina MaizelisUkraine Electrochemical formation of multilayer metal and metal-oxide coatings in complex electrolytes
307 Ms. Oksana MakarchukUkraine Nanocomposite magnetic mineral sorbents in processes of water treatment
308 Mrs. Olga MaksymivUkraine Wear resistance of the steels with the surface nanocrystalline structure
309 Dr. Hanna MaltanavaBelarus Underpotential deposition as a sensitive method for probing the surface of Au nanoparticles deposited on TiO2 electrodes
310 Prof. Viktor MalyshevUkraine Electrodeposition of nanostructured rhodium from low-temperature ion-organic melts
311 Mr. Volodymyr MandzyukUkraine Structural features of carbons produced using glucose, lactose, and saccharose
312 Dr. Svitlana MarchenkoUkraine Development of a new biosensor by adsorption of creatinine deiminase on monolayers of micro- and nanoscale zeolites
313 Dr. Ruslan MariychukSlovakia Synthesis of anisotropic gold nanoparticles by using of plant extracts
314 Dr. Ludmila MartseniukUkraine About of possibility of entangling for identical particles at their simultaneous crossing of quantum field of nanoirregularity
315 Ms. Libov MatkovskaUkraine Nanostructurization of the hybrid polymers based on amorphous epoxy resins and semicrystalline polyethylene oxide
316 Mr. Mykola MatsishinUkraine Development of genosensor based on LSPR for detection of DNA sequences related to Ph’-leukemia
317 Ms. Tatiana MatvienkoUkraine C60 fullerenes as promising agents for the prevention and treatment of ischemic pathologies of the skeletal muscle
318 Dr. Tahir MehmoodChina Effect of deposition potential, pH, deposition temperature and electrolytic cell concentration on formation of cobalt nanowires
319 Mr. Vladimir MeleshkoUkraine CO molecules physical and chemical sorption influence on structural properties of fullerite C60
320 Mr. Mykola MelnychenkoUkraine Dielectric properties on carbon polymer composites in a wide frequency range
321 Mr. Andrii MelnykUkraine Electron spin exchange interaction revealed the variations of nitroxide-substituted resorcin[4]arene cavity size in different model systems
322 Mr. Andrii MelnykUkraine Nanoporous activated carbon as a sensitive paramagnetic probe for study of local environment in liquids
323 Mr. Liubomyr MelnykUkraine Technology deposition multiply nano coating using magnetron sputtering devices (systems)
324 Dr. Taras MikaUkraine Properties of novel amorphous-crystalline Al-based alloy doped by Ga
325 Mr. Vadim MikhailenkoUkraine Induced helical nanostructures in ferroelectric liquid crystals
326 Mr. Vadim MikhailenkoUkraine Magnetic actuation of thermodynamically stable colloid of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a liquid crystal
327 Mr. Mikhail MikhailovUkraine Integrated quantum correlation counter based on multi-element superconducting nanowire single photon detector
328 Dr. Ibrir MiloudAlgeria Proprieties of FeSiB nanopowders alloys prepared by mechanical alloying
329 Dr. Oleg MishchukUkraine Electron probe-induced soliton-like moving lines on electron spectra for nanostructured surfaces: probable mechanisms
330 Prof. Vladimir MitsaUkraine Hysteresis of low temperature thermal conductivity and Boson peak in glassy (g) As2S3: nanocluster contribution
331 Ms. Vita MitsayUkraine Polymer films with dyes and quantum dots CdTe for ultralow concentration ammonia sensors
332 Mr. Igor MogylnyiUkraineSPPR enhancement of methylene blue fluorescence
333 Dr. Sharareh MohseniIran Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Iranian violaceae flower Pharmaceutical plant
334 Dr. Tetiana MonastyrskaUkraine Effect of severe plastic deformation on structure and properties of Al-Sc-Ta, Al-Sc-Ti alloys
335 Prof. Liubomyr MonastyrskiiUkraine Calculation of energy diagram of asymmetric graded-band-gap superlattices
336 PhD Mariia AlekseichykUkraine Simple methodology for the simulation of self-propagating front in reactive nano-layered foil used for the soldering electronic components
337 Mr. Oleksandr MorozUkraine Theoretical calculations of mechanical stresses in the system quantum dot – substrate
338 Dr. Oleksandr MorozovUkraine Structural transformations in austenitic stainless steel induced by deuterium implantation: irradiation at 600 K
339 Dr. Sharareh MohseniIran Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Iranian violaceae flower Pharmaceutical plant
340 Dr. Iuliia MukhaUkraine Effect of gold nanoparticles on photochromic furan-based diarylethenes
341 Dr. Aiman MukhtarChina Growth mechanism and crystal orientation of Silver nanowires
342 Mr. Volodymyr MultianUkraineCharacterization of the nonlinear optical properties of harmonic nanoparticles
343 Dr. Yuri MyasoedovIsrael Nano SQUID on tip microscopy
344 Dr. Oleksiy MykhailenkoUkraine Structure and thermal stability of Co- and Fe-intercalated double silicene layers
345 Dr. Natalie MykhaylenkoUkraine The effect of selenium nanoaquachelates on biomass accumulation and photosynthetic activity of the green algae Chlorella vulgaris
346 Dr. Oleksiy MyronyukUkraine Sacrificial superhydrophobic coatings
347 Mrs. Nataliya Mysko-KrutikUkraine Structural study of N2-CH4 alloys. Cluster model
348 Ms. Oksana MystrikovaUkraine Nanoparticles cellular network formation driven by orientational phase transition in liquid crystal
349 Ms. Olha NaberezhnayaUkraine Investigation of properties of nanocomposites based on phenylone
350 Dr. Oksana NadtokaUkraine The surface relief grating based on films of methacrylic azobenzene polymers
351 Ms. Svitlana NagirnyakUkraine Synthesis of 1D SnO2 nanostructures by chemical vapor deposition
353 Mr. Dmytro NasiedkinUkraine Formation of molybdena species on the surface of SiO2 nanoparticles.
554 Mr. Svyatoslav NastyshynUkraine Manifestation of surface plasmon resonance in transmission and scattering spectra of Ag nanoparticles
355 Dr. Naumenko AntoninaUkraine Influence of carbon-additives on the Raman spectra of graphene-like MoS2
356 Ms. Anna NaumenkoUkraine Modulations of molecular signaling mechanisms in smooth muscles excitable cells by titanium dioxide nanoscale material
557 Prof. Waldemar NawrockiPoland Electrical and Thermal Conductance Quantization in Nanostructures
358 Mr. Maxim NedielkoUkraine Dielectric, mechanical and spectroscopy characteristics of ‘micro/nano cellulose + oxide’ composites
359 Prof. Serhii NedilkoUkraine Structure and optical features of micro/nanosized carbon forms prepared by electrochemical exfoliation
360 Prof. Serhii NedilkoUkraine Complex oxides as luminescent component of ‘polymer-oxide’ micro/nano-composites
361 Dr. Anatoliy NedolyaUkraine Effect of nickel atom position on the carbon's atom drift: the case of BCC isolated Fe-Ni-C nanocluster
362 Mr. Yuriy NeymetUkraine (Ag33)0.9(As2S3)0.1 thin films under the influence of laser irradiation
363 Dr. Stepan NichkaloUkraine Silicon nanostructures produced by modified MacEtch method for antireflective Si surface
364 Dr. Viktor NikolaenkoUkraine The conductivity anomalies at electron polaron formation in gas phase on helium layer over structured substrate
365 Mr. Kirill NikolayevUkraine Influence of silver nanoparticles on fluorescence intensity of Rhodamine 6G in case of different dye concentration
366 Dr. Liudmyla NosachUkraine Nano-particulate structures with glucose derived char and compacted fumed silica in gaseous and aqueous media
367 Prof. Agnieszka Nosal - WiercińskaPoland Adsorption and electrokinetic properties of activated carbon obtained from residue after supercritical extraction in the aqueous solution of poly (acrylic acid)
368 Dr. Valentyna NosenkoUkraine Crystal structure of micro- and nanopowders of ZnS studied by EPR of Mn2+ and XRD
369 Dr. Anton NosenkoUkraine Investigation of the effect of winding-induced mechanical stresses arising in rapidly heated Fe73Nb3Cu1B7Si16 ribbon during core formation on magnetic anisotropy and magnetic properties
370 Dr. Oleksandr OberemokUkraine Ion beam synthesis of SiC nanostructures in Si
371 Dr. Halyna OharUkraine New photopolymerizable systems based on functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles: preparation and thermal properties
372 Mrs. Natalia Ohon'Ukraine Structural behavior of solid solutions in the NdAlO3-SrTiO3 system
373 Dr. Igor OlenychUkraine Electrical and photoelectrical properties of reduced graphene oxide – porous silicon nanostructures
374 Dr. Yuriy OnankoUkraine Mechanical stress limits of nanocomposites based on multiwall carbon nanotubes and “KERN-DP” anisotropy automated system
375 Dr. Yuriy OnankoUkraine Absorption properties of SiO2 and “KERN-DP” anisotropy automated system
376 Ms. Oksana OtychenkoUkraine Physicochemical properties of structured bioceramic materials doped with nanomagnetite
377 Mrs. Berna Ozansoy KasapTurkey Improvement of the analytical characteristics of creatinine biosensor based on ISFET using micro and nanosized zeolites
378 Mr. Fatih Ozcan Turkey Synthesis of the Derivatives having different functional groups of p-tert-butyl-Calix [4] arene, p-tert-butyl-Calix [4,6,8] arene their nanofibers production and biocompatibiliti properties.
379 Ms. Olena PaiukUkraine Synthesis and properties of amphiphilic block polymers with F- and PEG-contained side chains
380 Ms. Sofiia PartsevskayaUkraine The effect of solvent and time on morphology of PEO/PCL block copolymer micelles
381 Ms. Mariia PaskoUkraine A role of carbon in formation of structure and magnetic properties of hybrid Ni@C-films
382 Mr. Olena PavlovskaUkraine Crystal structure peculiarities of mixed ferrites La1-xSmxFeO3
383 Mr. Daniel PawlakPoland Cassie-Baxter to Wenzel state transition during freezing of water droplet
384 Dr. Yulia PeretsUkraine The electrical and thermal properties of hybrid composites based on graphite nanoplatelets with multiwall carbon nanotubes
385 Ms. Nataliya PerlovaUkraine Composite ion-exchanger as prospective materials for sorption of uranium(VI) compounts
386 Dr. Nataliya PermyakovaUkraine Micellar carriers for anticancer drug eumelanin
387 Ms. Halyna PetrovskaUkraine Optimization of the parameters of digital holographic microscope
388 Mr. Vasyl PetryshakUkraineModification of cholesteric-nemtic mixtures by carbon nanotubes for active medium of CO2 optical sensor
389 Dr. Nataliia PinchukUkraine In vitro solubility of bioactive glass-ceramics
390 Mrs. Tatiana Pinchuk-RugalUkraine The electron radiation effect on polyvinylchloride nanocomposites with multi-walled carbon nanotubes compounds
391 Prof. Sergey PokutnyiUkraine Optical spectroscopy of quasi-atomic nanostructures: Ge quantum dots in a matrix of Si: Theory
392 Dr. Taras PolekUkraine Structural and resonance properties of (La,Ba)MnO3/ZnO/SrTiO3 (001) nanostructure
393 Mrs. Iuliia PolishchukUkraine Impurity-governed structural modification of ZrO2-based composites doped with Cu and Y
394 Mr. Semyon PonomaryovUkraine The key role of the wetting layer in the process of nucleation, evolution, and growth of the GeSi/Si nanoislands
395 Dr. Oleksii PopovUkraine Structure designing of composite nanoceramics via reaction sintering
396 Mr. Aleksandr PopovUkraine Nonlinear optical characterization of the KDP single crystals with incorporated titania nanoparticles of different crystallographic modifications
397 Dr. Dmytro PopovychUkraine Nanopowder metal oxide for luminescent gas sensing
398 Dr. Volodymyr PopovychUkraine Ferromagnetic nanosized and dopant-related precipitation in vapor grown CdTe:Cr single crystals
399 Dr. Anna V. PotapenkoUkraine Electrochemical properties of two types of graphite for using as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
400 Dr. Piotr PoteraPoland Influence of growth condition and thermal treatment of thin Cu2O film obtained by magnetron sputtering on transmission spectra
401 Ms. Viktoriya ProkopchukUkraine Peculiarities of the electron transport in nanocomposite films of silicon nanocrystals
402 Mr. Alexandr ProkopovUkraine Structural and phase transitions in layers of intercalate in graphite intercalation compounds with bromine
403 Prof. Ivan ProtsenkoUkraine Physical properties of film alloys based on ferromagnetic and noble metals
404 Ms. Anna PrydatkoUkraine Wear resistant superhydrophobic coatings
405 Dr. Svitlana PrylutskaUkraine Influence of carbacylamidophosphates, urea derivatives and their combinations with C60 fullerene on the hemolysis of erythrocytes
406 Mr. Viktor PrysyazhnyukUkraine Influence of requirements of formation on magnetic properties of thin films of Gd-Fe system
407 Prof. Alexander PudUkraine New nanocomposites of polystyrene with polyaniline doped with laurylsulfuric acid
408 Ms. Viktoriya PyeshkovaUkraine Improvement of amperometric transducer selectivity using nanosized phenylenediamine films
409 Mr. Bogdan RachiyUkraine Ultrasonic modification of carbon materials for electrochemical capacitors
410 Dr. Przemyslaw RaczynskiPoland The computer simulations of the dynamics of small cholesterol systems
411 Dr. Przemyslaw RaczynskiPoland MD simulations of the dynamics of cholesterol molecules located between graphene sheets
412 Dr. Taras RadchenkoUkraine Electronic properties of tensile-stressed impure graphene
414 Mr. Serhii RarataUkraine Structural, optical and magnetic properties of individual Mn doped ZnO nanorods
415 Dr. Antonina RedkinaUkraine The sol-gel synthesis of V2O5-ZrO2-SiO2 nanocomposites and their properties in the gas-phase dehydrogenation of alkane
416 Prof. Sergiy RevoUkraine Structure and microhardness of iron-carbon nanotubes nanocomposites obtained by mechanochemical activation of components
417 Dr. Liudmyla RieznichenkoUkraine Development of new pharmaceutical substance and dosage form based on silver and copper nanoparticles for treatment of multi-drug resistant
418 Dr. Tatyana RodionovaUkraine Grain boundary energy anisotropy effect on microstructure of nanosilicon films
419 Dr. Anatoliy YaremkoUkraine Absorption by molecule adsorbed on surface of crystal: Many particles approach
420 Prof. Eduard RudenkoUkraine Emergence of long-range triplet correlations in a nanoscale metallic ferromagnet/singlet superconductor bilayer
421 Dr. Galyna RudkoUkraine Role of interfacial centers in the emission of CdS-containing nanocomposites
422 Mr. Yuriy RudykUkraine Development of the thin film UV filters using mathematical modeling
423 Mr. Dmytro RumiantsevUkraine Interaction of oxygen with supermonolayer beryllium films on the Мо(112) surface
424 Ms. Natalia RusinchukUkraine New possible method of evaluation of viral and bacterial infectivity
425 Dr. Anna RybachukUkraine Silver and gold nanoparticles: effectiveness in vivo in treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area, development of dosage forms
426 Mr. Yaroslav RybakUkraineFabrication, conductivity and photoluminescence properties of the Li2O-xGeO2 glass-ceramic doped with some three charged ions
427 Ms. Iuliia RybalkoUkraine Formation of catalysts in the form of porous nanosystems Ni / Cu
428 Prof. Tinatin SadunishviliGeorgia Thermostable cellulase/xylanase complex from microscopic fungi
429 Dr. Igor SagalianovUkraine Percolation threshold for polymer filled with particles of different morphology: Monte Carlo simulation
430 Dr. Piotr SaganPoland Properties of the nanocrystalline CuO films obtained by pyrolysis method at different temperatures
431 Prof. Irina SavchenkoUkraine Synthesis, characterization and luminescent properties of polymer bimetallic complexes with-diketone
432 Dr. Dariya SavchenkoUkraine Pulsed EPR and ENDOR study of SiO2:C nanopowders
433 Ms. Maria SavkaUkraine Cholesterolcontaining cooligomers for lipofilic substances solubilisation
434 Mr. Stepan SavkaUkraine Molecular dynamics study of the condensation of zinc oxide form the gas phase
435 Dr. Rada SavkinaUkraine Nanoscale pattern formation on the surface of HgCdTe produced by ion bombardment
436 Mr. Ivan SemenchukUkraine Nanoporous activated material for the supercapacitors based on organic raw materials of plant origin
437 Dr. Yurii SementsovUkraine Properties of graphene nanoparticles and their composites with Polychlortrifluoroethylene
438 Dr. Yurii SementsovUkraine Modeling of supramolecular interaction of carbon nanotube - cluster of graphite-like structure
439 Mrs. Taisiia SerdenkoUkraine Exponential deconvolution program for analysis of electron transfer kinetics of RC and wheat leaves chlorophyll fluorescence
440 Prof. Tetyana SergeyevaUkraine Nanostructured polymeric membranes for selective recognition of aflatoxin B1
441 Ms. Tetiana ShabelnykUkraine Structural-phase state, magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of three-layer films based on Ni and Dy
442 Dr. Dmytro ShakhninUkraine Corrosion resistance of refractory metals borides and carbides nanopowders in nickelage electrolytes
443 Dr. Nataliya ShcherbanUkraine Synthesis, properties and photocatalytic activity of porous carbon nitride
444 Prof. Stella ShekhunovaUkraine Morphological features of silica particles in siliceous sidementary rocks
445 Prof. Anatoliy ShevchenkoUkraine Influence f radio frequencies electromagnetic radiation on magnetic properties magneto-mechano-chemical synthesized antitumor nanocomplex
446 Dr. Oleh ShevchukUkraine Cross-linked hydrogels filled by semiconductor nanoparticles
447 Ms. Tatyana ShevtsovaUkraine The surface influence on the orbital and the spin states of iron chalcogenides nanoparticles
448 Mr. Ruslan ShkarbanUkraine Sublimation of Sb in formation nanosized thermoelectric films Co-Sb
449 Mr. Yuriy ShkurdodaUkraine Temperature dependence of tunnel magnetoresistance of ultrathin Fe films
450 Ms. Yulia ShlapaUkraine Crystallographic and magnetic properties of La0.7-xLnxSr0.3MnO3 (Ln-Sm, Nd) nanoparticles
451 Dr. Liudmyla ShmelevaUkraine Temperature effect on the basis states for charge transfer through a proteins (polypeptides) and on the nanocurrent in it
452 Dr. Liudmyla ShmelevaUkraine Features of the generalized dynamics of quasiparticles for nanocrystals of type of graphene
453 Prof. Yaroslav ShopaPolandDynamic light scattering on water droplets with nanoparticles of SiO2 and Au; preliminary results
454 Dr. Kostiantyn ShportkoUkraine Design of the vibrational properties of the phase-change materials
455 Dr. Yaroslav ShpotyukUkraine Rare-earth doping on free-volume nanosctructure of Ga-codoped glassy (As/Sb)2Se3
456 Prof. Oleh ShpotyukPoland Microstructure hierarchial model of competitive e+-Ps trapping in nanostructurized substances: from nanoparticle-uniform to nanoparticle-based systems
457 Prof. Oleh ShpotyukPoland Analytical description of degradation-relaxation transformations in nanoinhomogeneous spinel ceramics
458 Ms. Olha ShpotyukUkraine Nanoindentation study of light-curing volumetric shrinkage in dimethacrylate-based dental nanocomposites
459 Dr. Pawel SikoraPoland The effect of silica-titania nanostructures on the bactericidal and mechanical properties of cement-based composites
460 Prof. Alexander SipatovUkraine Nanostructures based on chalcogenide semionductors
461 Mr. Dmytro SkipochkaUkraine Formation of nanocrystalline structures in Mg65Cu25Y10 alloy by casting in metal mold
462 Dr. Ewa SkwarekPoland Adsorption of uranyl ions at the hydroxyapatite and his modification/aqueous electrolyte interface
463 Dr. Ewa SkwarekPoland Characteristic of surface properties of composites with polysacharide and hydroxyapatite
464 Mr. Alexander SlobodyanUkraine Electrophysical properties of the graphene/SiO2 structures subjected to the electron beam irradiation.
465 Prof. Hamamda SmailAlgeria Influence of concentration of carbon nanotubes multiwall on the proprieties of copper
466 Dr. Nataliia SmirnovaUkraine Sol-gel synthesis, photo- and electrocatalytical properties of mesoporous TiO2 modified with transition metal ions
467 Dr. Smirnova OlesiaUkraine A quantum chemical study on electronic structure and a adsorption potential of nitrogen doped titania thin films
468 Dr. Vitaliy SmokalUkraine Synthesis of styrylquinoline containing polymers for photonic application
469 Dr. Natalia SmykUkraine Gold nanoparticles modified GC electrode for the voltammetric determination of melamine
470 Dr. Sergii SnegirUkraine Modulation-polarization spectroscopy of the glass surface functionalized by Au nanoparticles
471 Dr. Volodymyr SohatskyUkraine Adjusting characteristics of nanolayered magnetic sensors
472 Mr. Evgen SokovykhUkraine Influence of particle size of Pd/SnO2 nanomaterials on their sensor properties
473 Dr. Oleksandr SoldatkinUkraine A novel amperometric glutamate biosensor based on glutamate oxidase adsorbed on silicalite
474 Dr. Kateryna SoloviovaUkraine Synthesis and properties of nanoparticles of M-type hexagonal ferrites Ba0.7Sr0.3Fe12-2xCoxTixO19
475 Mr. Vladyslav SontsevUkraine New biocomponents from hydroxyacetone: catalytic synthesis of acetonyl butyrate and 2-oxopropyl octanoate
476 Mr. Sergii SorokinUkraine Linear and transient operation regimes of a nano-scale spin-torque microwave detector
477 Dr. Mariya SosnovaUkraine Enhanced surface plasmon-polaritonic sensitivity in the structures based on corrugated thin metal films with quasi-anticorrelated reliefs
478 Mrs. Sylwia SowaPoland Selected nanostructures observed by Atomic Force Microscope
479 Mrs. Sylwia SowaPoland Structure and low-temperature properties in alloys of selected 5f and (3-5)d metals
480 Dr. Olga StarostenkoUkraine Development of thermostable nanoporous polymer films using ionic liquids
481 Dr. Galyna StarukhUkraine Photocatalytically enhanced organic dye removal with ZnAl layered double hydroxides and its derivatives
482 Mr. Roman StepchukUkraine Sequence of structural phase transitions in Pr0.9Sr0.1AlO3- probed by high-resolution X-ray synchrotron powder diffraction
483 Dr. Andrew StetskoUkraine Effect of chemical vapor deposition on the morphology of the composite layer in a complex method
484 Mr. Maksym StetsenkoGreece Surface plasmon resonance sensor using by indium tin oxide nanostructure using by indium tin oxide nanostructure
485 Dr. Yurij StetsyshynUkraine New ellipsometric technique for characterization of ultrathin thermo-responsive polymer films in liquid ambient
486 Mrs. Nataliya StolyarchukUkraine Bridged polysilsesquioxane nanoparticles containing 3-mercaptopropyl groups in surface layer
487 Dr. Eugene StrativnovUkraine Unit with fluidized bed for gas-vapour activation of coal for various purposes. Design, computation, implementation
488 Prof. Alexander StronskiUkraine Magnetic properties of nanocomposite multilayer structures As40S60:Mn-Se
489 Mr. Yurii StubrovUkraine Structural modification of single-layer graphene under laser irradiation featured by micro-Raman spectroscopy
490 Dr. Maryna SukhanevychUkraine Heatexpanded graphite is effective nanoadditives in cement
491 Dr. Volodymyr SukhomlynUkraine Orientation relationships of the nano particles of cementite and ferrite in the decomposition of low-carbon austenite
492 Dr. Iryna SulymUkraine The effect of adsorbed PMS-400 on the textural characteristics of the triple TiO2-ZrO2/SiO2 nanooxides
493 Ms. Olga SulymenkoUkraine Microwave phase-locking of two weakly-coupled spin-torque nano-oscillators with random eigen parameters
594 Ms. Susanna Synyakina Ukraine Surface state changing and structure organization of zirconium hydroxide nanoparticles under high pressure
495 Mr. Oleksander SuslovUkraine Processing of barium-strontium and lanthanum-lithium titanes nanoparticles and thin films by Pechini method
496 Dr. Nataliia SvietlovaUkraine Removal of metal nanoparticles colloidal solutions by water plants
497 Mr. Dmytro SydorovUkraineZnO nanoparticles/poly(3-methylthiophene) composites for RGB electrochromic device
498 Mr. Ihor SyvorotkaUkraine Determination of magnetic parameters of maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) core-shell nanoparticles from nonlinear magnetic susceptibility measurement
499 Mr. Jakub SzlęzakPoland Nanoinhomogenities in glassy GeSe4-GeTe4 caused by Bi and Ga incorporation
500 Dr. Szakacs Zsolt LaszloRomania Fractal energy band structures of a Bloch electron moving on anisotropic 2D square lattice with magnetic field
501 Dr. Szakacs Zsolt LaszloRomania Optical diffraction from deterministic and random fat fractals
502 Dr. Tahir MehmoodChina Effect of deposition potential, pH, deposition temperature and electrolytic cell concentration on formation of cobalt nanowires
503 Prof. Nataliya TaranUkraine Colloidal nanomolybdenum influence upon the antioxidative reaction of chickpeas plants (Cicer arietinum L.)
504 Ms. Yuliia TaranetsUkraine Crystallization of calcium oxalate monohydrate at different concentrations of the oxalate ion
505 Prof. Georgiy TarasovUkraine Peculiarities of excitonic processes in coupled quantum ring-quantum dot chain heterostructures
506 Ms. Tetiana TatarchukUkraine Estimating the cation distributions in CoxZn1-xFe2O4 ferrites using X-ray, FT-IR and Mössbauer spectroscopy
507 Dr. Kostiantyn TchervinkaUkraine Continuum modeling of nanoelements
508 Dr. Andrii TerletskyiUkraine Electrical and mechanical properties of ion-plasma deposited carbon films
509 Ms. Olena TkachenkoUkraine Conversion of electron beam energy into vacuum ultraviolet radiation of mixed argon-xenon nanoclusters
510 Ms. Olena TkachenkoUkraine Spectroscopic study of Ar nanoclusters generated in a supersonic jet
511 Mr. Ivan TkachukUkraine The creation of heterostructures InSe – graphite with organic binder
512 Mr. Vadym TkachukUkraine Peculiarities of transport properties of graphite intercalation compounds with cobalt
513 Ms. Veronika TominaUkraine Hybrid organic-inorganic membranes with bifunctional surface layer
514 Mr. Serhii TomylkoUkraine Three stages of development of electrical percolation of carbon nanotubes in nematic liquid crystals
514 Dr. Meral Topcu SulakTurkey Biosensing of toxic compounds based on multi walled carbon nanotube – copolymer modified electrode
515 Mrs. Iryna TrofymchukUkraine Structural variety and adsorptive properties of mesoporous silicas with immobilized oligosaccharide groups
516 Ms. Tamara TsebrienkoUkraine The organic-inorganic interpenetrating polymer networks: the kinetics of formation, thermal and relaxation properties
517 Mr. Vadym TsvitkovskyiUkraine One-dimensional vortex flow channels in high-Tc superconductor bicrystals
518 Mr. Bohdan TsykaniukUkraine Correlated infrared reflectance and Raman analysis of epitaxial n-type doped GaN layers grown on sapphire
519 Mrs. Valentina TurchinUkraine Application of hybrid material for recovery of acidic herbicides
520 Dr. Alla TymchukUkraine Formation of nanoscale complexes based on chitosan
521 Mrs. Olena TynkevychUkraine Optical and electrochemical monitoring of band structure of Hg- alloyed CdTe colloidal QDs.
522 Ms. Tetiana UdodUkraine Spectral properties solution of DNA in distilled water with the addition of hydrogen
523 Mr. Andrii UkleinUkraine Synthesis, Characterization, Luminescent and Nonlinear Optical Properties of ZnO
524 Ms. Olena UstavytskaUkraine One step electrochemical preparation of multilayer graphene functionalized with nitrogen
525 Mr. Maksim UstimenkoUkraine The water polyurethane dispersion, modified carbon nanotubes – effective component cementitious compositions
526 Mr. Vitaly UvarovUkraine Nanostructured changes of CNx films by laser irradiation
527 Prof. Leonid VasylechkoUkraine Sol-gel prepared nanopowders of new mixed cobaltites-ferrites DyCo1-xFexO3
528 Dr. Inna VasylenkoUkraine Porous magnetic-luminescent nanocomposite based on lantanide coordination polymer and ferrite nanoparticles
529 Dr. Bogdan VasylivUkraine Preconditioning the YSZ-NiO fuel cell anode in hydrogenous atmospheres containing water vapor
530 Mrs. Svitlana VasylyukUkraine About possible mechanisms of nanoconductivity in polyenes polymers. The charge solitons at extremely weak external fields
531 Dr. Oleh VelychkoUkraine Electrons in the intercalated stage ordered layered structures: Description by the periodic Anderson model
532 Prof. Roman VengrenovichUkraine Ostwald's ripening of single-layer carbon nanotubes under conditions of surface diffusion
533 Prof. Roman VengrenovichUkraine Diameter distribution of carbon nanotubes under conditions of volume diffusion
534 Dr. Ganna VertsimakhaUkraineChange of the spatial character of the Wannier exciton ground state in wide type II semiconductor quantum wells
535 Ms. Elizaveta VikhrovaUkraine Aditional stabilization and luminescence of magic CdSe nanoclusters
536 Prof. Ihor VirtUkraine Structural optical and electrical properties of Zinc oxide layers obtained by pulsed laser deposition method
537 Mr. Oleksandr VlasovUkraine Effect of aqueous colloidal colution of C60 fullerene on hematological parameters in rats
538 Ms. Kateryna VoitenkoUkraine Thermal conductivity study of mesoporous silicon with piezoelectric photoacoustic technique
539 Dr. Mykola VolkogonUkraine The effect of nonionic colloidal solutions of metal nanoparticles on pro-/antioxidant system of winter wheat seedlings under infection
540 Dr. Nataliia VolkovaUkraine Influence of gold nanoparticles on growth characteristics of mesenchymal stromal cells after cryopreservation
541 Dr. Ludmila VovchenkoUkraineInfluence of conductive filler distribution on electrical conductivity and EMI shielding properties of nanocarbon composites
542 Dr. Yurii VoznyakPoland Effect of simple shear induced orientation process on the morphology and properties of polyolefin/graphite nanoplates composites
543 Dr. Lyudmyla VretikUkraine Synthesis and adsorption properties of 4-vinylpyridine and styrene copolymer in situ immobilized on silica surface
544 Dr. Yuliya VyshnevskaUkraine Design and optimization of synergistic inhibitive compositions for the formation of corrosion-resistant nanostructured coatings
545 Dr. Yuliya VyshnevskaUkraine Frequency-controlled formation of nanoparticles, nanoalloys and core-shell objects in quasi-reversible redox systems
546 Prof. Agnieszka WiącekPoland Wettability of natural/synthetic polymers developed by air plasma processing. The effect of starch in PET system
547 Prof. Małgorzata WiśniewskaPolandInfluence of the solution pH on the adsorption of ionic polyamino acids and their copolymers at the solid – liquid interface
548 Prof. Małgorzata WiśniewskaPoland Adsorption of cationic polyacrylamide in the mesoporous nanozirconia – polymer solution system
549 Dr. Grzegorz WiszPoland Standard Si photovoltaic devices with ZnO film obtained by pulsed laser deposition
550 Ms. Uliana YakhnevychUkraine The spatial distribution of copper ions incorporated into LiNbO3 crystal during high temperature annealing
551 Ms. Olena YakovenkoUkraine Electrical properties of composite materials with electric field assisted alignment of the filler
552 Dr. Olena YakymchukUkraine Effect of gold nanoparticles on tumor cells viability and formation of multicellular tumor spheroids
553 Dr. Andriy YakymovychUkraine Synthesis and characterization of pure Ni and Ni-Sn intermetallic nanoparticles
554 Dr. Elina YanovskaUkraine Adsorption capacity of polymer materials obtained in situ polymerization on the silica gel surface
555 Dr. Iryna YaremchukUkraine Pump-probe spectroscopy studies of plasmonic structures
556 Mr. Serhii YatsukhnenkoUkraine Nanoscale conductive channels in silicon whiskers with nickel impurity
557 Mr. Andriy YefanovUkraine Exfoliated graphene manufactured by ultrasonic treatment
558 Dr. Oleksandr YelenichUkraine Features of the synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles for medical application
559 Ms. Yekaterina YeriominaUkraine Heat­resistant polymers in friction units
560 Mrs. Iryna YermolenkoUkraine Morphology of thin film coatings Fe-Co-W and Fe-Co-Mo
561 Dr. Volodymyr YukhymchukUkraine The study of semiconductor nanoparticles using SERS spectroscopy
562 Dr. Olga YuzephovichUkraine Combined vortex lattice of Mo/Si multilayer nanostructures in tilted magnetic field
563 Mrs. Inna ZahaikoUkraine Formation and sensor properties of ZnO nanosystems with capacitive characteristics
564 Dr. Dora ZakarianUkraine Durability of dichalcogenide MoS2 nanoparticles with hydrogen intercalation
565 Mr. Artem ZakharovUkraine Radiotransparent ceramic in the system SrO-Al2O3-SiO2
566 Mr. Marat ZakirovUkraine Sonochemical synthesis of SiO2
567 Mrs. Marina ZamulaUkraine Spark plasma sintering: energy efficient technology for consolidation of novel ceramics
568 Mr. Jan ZarębaPoland Shaping size and physicochemical properties of ZIF-8 nanoparticles by gradual cobalt(II) ions doping
569 Ms. Galina ZastavskaUkrainePolymer-polymer and polymer-mineral conductive composites.
570 Prof. Valery ZazhigalovUkraine Mechanochemistry in nanocatalysts preparation
571 Mr. Sergii ZelinskyiUkraine Supercapacitors based on novel graphene containing electrode material
572 Prof. Tatyana ZheltonozhskayaUkraine A special self-assembly of block copolymers with chemically complementary components
573 Dr. Elena ZhitlukhinaUkraine Modeling electron spectra of nanoscale complexes formed by Cu ions on zirconia nanoparticles surface and bulk
574 Dr. Zoryana ZhuchenkoUkraine Many-body effects in gybrid In(Ga)As dot-well nanostructures
575 Mr. Dmytro ZhulaiUkraine Electro-conductive properties of ionic metal alkanoate nanocomposites with semiconductor and metal nanoparticles
576 Ms. Nelya ZhyshchynskaUkraine Antitumor activity of bimetallic Ag/Au composite nanoparticles
577 Prof. Elena ZolotarevaUkraine Growth and photosynthetic energy transduction efficiency of the green algae Chlorella vulgaris under the treatment by copper nanocarboxylates
578 Dr. Sergiy GolovynskyiUkraine Influence of low-defective buffer on photoelectric properties of InAs/InGaAs and InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures
579 Dr. Sergiy GolovynskyiUkraine EL2 deep levels in photoconductivity and absorption of In(Ga)As/GaAs nanoscale structures
580 Ms. Anna BakhmachukUkraine Development of SPR immunosensor based on recombinant protein A for determination of IgG concentration in blood serum
581 Prof. German TelbizUkraine Controlled doping of TiO2 nanostructures. Potential to enhanced hydrophilicity and proton conductivity.
582 Prof. Ivan BolestaUkraine Voxel-based mesh generation for computational electromagnetics simulations
583 Prof. Jaroslav BudjakUkraine Kinetic coefficients in the generalized model of electron transport within 2D semiconductor crystals
584 Dr. Leonid DolgovEstonia Vibrational spectra of pyridostigmine bromide
585 Prof. Vasilij MoiseyenkoUkraine Formation and Raman characterization of nanocrystalline phase Bi2TeO5 in the pores of synthetic opals
586 Dr. Halyna KlymUkraine Nanostructurization in MgO-Al2O3 ceramics under the water influence tested with positron-positronium trapping algorithm
587 Ms. Viktoriya PayentkoUkraine Structure of adsorption complexes of dexketoprofen trometamol onto the surface of silica based upon the theoretically calculated and experimental IR-spectra
588MSc Marta ChołujPolandSupermolecular approximation in the studies of linear and nonlinear electric properties of spatially confined molecules
589MSc Magdalena WaszkielewiczPolandSilver-doped gold nanoclusters as new fluorescent biomarkers
590 Dr. Ievgen PylypchukUkraine XPS investigation of tryptophan-stabilized Fe3O4/Ag nanoparticles
591 Prof.Dr Seong Soo Choi (Invited speaker) Korea Towards the plasmonic optical biosensor for single molecule translocation and analysis