Department of coherent and quantum optics

Quantum and Coherent Optics Department was established in 2006. It was created on the base of the staff of Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory founded by Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences, Prof. M. V. Danilejko in 1985 and Physics of Laser Media Laboratory (Head – Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences, Prof. E. O. Tikhonov) created in 1989.

  • coherent excitation of atoms and molecules;
  • mechanical action of laser light on atoms and molecules;
  • laser physics;
  • coherent optics of polymers, dyes, and liquid crystals;
  • organic and hybrid organic-inorganic materials for holography and optoelectronics;
  • pattern recognition and image processing.

Main recent results

  • The phenomena of the coherent population trapping by equidistant multifrequency field (optical comb) of the femtosecond laser and the frequency shifted feedback laser has been observed for the first time.
  • The theory of bichromatic force based on the Floquet approach has been developed. This theory explains the anomalously large atom velocity interval where the bichromatic force exceeds the radiative force.
  • A novel scheme for the complete transfer of the atomic and molecular population between two bound states by means of the Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passage (SCRAP) has been demonstrated and analyzed.
  • The theory describing the efficiency of stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) on the two photon detuning, static and stochastic, has been developed.
  • The frequency shifted feedback lasers have been theoretically and experimentally investigated and new method for distance measurements has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated.
  • The theoretical investigation of mechanical force acting on atoms in the field of counterpropagating frequency-modulated laser radiation showed that the magnitude of this force is comparable with the magnitude of the bichromatic force provided appropriate choice of modulation index and laser intensity.
  • A fundamental approach for the creation of a broad range of nanocomposites based on acrylate polymers and inorganic nanoparticles (TiO2, ZrO2, LaPO4:Ce,Tb, CdS, CdSe/ZnS, Ag, Au) has been developed. The sub-micrometer scale volume patterning of the nanocomposites using holographic photopolymerization has been investigated that enabled to fabricate effective optical diffractive elements and photonic crystals.
  • The combination of the specific physical properties of nanoparticles with the diffractive behavior of the periodic structures is promising for the fabrication of modern electro-optical components. The examples of application of these structures as DFB-lasers, light-controlled diffraction elements and in holographic security technology have been demonstrated.
  • New phenomena of lasing in dye-doped polymeric multiple scattering media have been investigated. It has been found that an amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) is observed, if the mean free path of a photon (FPP) exceeds the lasing wavelength. When FPP is comparable with the wavelength, the oscillations on Anderson localized modes are realized. The theoretical description of ASE spectral evolution in Kubelka - Munk approximation has been done.
  • New approach for electrical frequency tuning of the dye-doped nematic liquid crystal in the distributed feedback lasing mode has been proposed and proved.
  • New types of polymer diffraction optical elements have been created and studied. It was shown that the coupled wave Kogelnic theoretical model is correct for numerical characterization of recorded thick phase gratings. Successful applications of the gratings are demonstrated in spectral and lasing engineering.
  • The digital synthesis methods of the optical diffraction element for optical/digital correlators, identification and processing systems have been developed. New optical correlation methods of pattern recognition using the specially calculated phase elements (phase masks, diffusers) have been proposed to simplify the arbitrary objects pattern recognition procedure.

Main recent results obtained until 2006

  • (1975-1982) Ring laser frequency standards stabilized by resonances of saturated absorption and saturated dispersion of methane have been developed and realized. Relative frequency stability is 3•10?14 with averaging time ?=100 s (M.V. Danileiko, V.P. Fe¬din, A.V.Fal’, L.P. Yatsenko).
  • (1983-1991) Intercavity frequency-modulation spectroscopy with sensitivity limited only by photon noise and resolution capability ?/?? ? 5•1010 has been developed. On the basis of these researches stabilized gas lasers with frequency stability ??/? ? 7•10-15 (?=100) and relative reproducibility 10-13 has been realized. (M.V. Danileiko, V.P. Fe¬din, A.V.Fal’, N.M. Kachalova, V.M. Nechiporenko L.P. Yatsenko).
  • (1989-1998) Stimulated light pressure force on atoms and molecules in bichromatic field of two counterpropagating waves has been proposed, theoretically substantiate and realized. (V.S. Voitsekhovich, M.V. Danileiko, A.M. Negriyko, V.I. Romanenko, L.P. Yatsenko ).
  • (1983-1990) The nature of generation frequency capture in a wideband dye laser by atom’s line of radially inhomogeneous intracavity absorption has been determined. (M.V. Danileiko, A.M. Negriyko, V.M. Khodakovskiy, L.P. Yatsenko).
  • (1989-1999) Laser sources with controllable spectral characteristics based on frequency stabilized helium-neon lasers and dye lasers have been developed. Experimental models of frequency stabilized lasers with relative frequency instability 5•10?13 with averaging time 200 s have beene realized. (A.V Boiko, M.V. Danileiko, A.L. Kravchuk, A.M. Negriyko, V.M. Khodakovskiy, A.M Tselinko, L.P. Yatsenko).
  • (1996-2006) New methods of laser control of population of quantum levels of atoms and molecules based on adiabatic evolution of the system atom + laser coherent laser field (V.I. Romanenko, L.P.Yatsenko).
  • (1966-1967) Lasing oscillation and resonator passive Q-switching on the polymethine dye solutions (PDS) have been carried (E.A.Tikhonov, M.Т. Shpak).
  • (1969-1975) Lasing oscillation by PDS at 4,2К have been realized for the first time. It has been shown that correspondent laser vibration transitions are nonhomogeneously broadened (M.V.Melishchuk, E.A.Tikhonov, M.T.Shpak).
  • (1970-1980) Lasing oscillation under two photon pumping and two photon absorption spectroscopy of dyes have been carried out (E.B.Aslanidi, T.N.Smirnova, V.I.Prokhorenko E.A.Tikhonov, M.T.Shpak).
  • (1976-1977) Lasing oscillation by dyed cholesteric and nematic liquid crystals have been realized for the first time (I.P.Il’chishin, E.A.Tikhonov, M.T. Shpak)
  • (1977-1986) Dye lasing oscillation with dynamic distributed feedback by pumping have been investigated and realized practically (E.I.Zabello, E.A.Tikhonov ).
  • (1982-1989) To remove optical damage of the polymer matrixes the dyed elastic polymer as laser elements have been proposed, investigated and manufactured (O.V.Przhonska,, V.I.Bezrodny, M.V.Bondar, E.A.Tikhonov).
  • (1988-1995) The angle selectivity of Sagnac interferometer has been discovered and applied for creation of the high selective one mode laser cavity (V.I.Prokhorenko, D.Ya.Yatskiv, S.G.Rozuvan, E.A.Tikhonov).
  • (1985-1995) Systematical investigations of holographic recording in photopolymers have been done. New holographic polymer materials have been developed and high efficient diffraction gratings on their base have been manufactured and studied (T.N.Smirnova, Yu.B.Boyko, E.S.Gul’nazarov, O.V.Sakhno, E.A.Tikhonov).
  • (1988 - 2000) The technology of application of elastomers and methods of radical polymerization have been systematically studied and used for manufacturing of the dyed laser elements, the phase responsible holographic compositions and diffraction holographic elements (V.I.Bezrodny, Yu.B.Boyko, E.S.Gul’nazarov, O.V.Sakhno, T.N.Smirnova, E.A.Tikhonov).

National prizes

  • National prizes of USSR in science and technique, 1974 (E.A.Tikhonov, and M.Т. Shpak consisting of author's group).
  • National prizes of Ukraine in science and technique, 1998 (M.V. Danileiko, A.M. Negriyko, V.I.Prokhorenko, E.A.Tikhonov, L.P.Yatsenko, D.Ya.Yatskiv consisting of author's group).

Developments and applications

  • The volume phase holographic gratings with high diffraction efficiency and optical quality have been made. Laser and spectral devices on their base have been developed (E.A.Tikhonov, T.N.Smirnova, V.I.Bezrodny, P.V.Yezhov, L.M.Kokhtych, A.K.Ljametz).
  • The laser system based on an optical fiber laser and a feedback frequency shifted laser for distance measurements with precision 100 ?m during several milli¬se¬conds has been developed (V. V. Ogurtsov, V. M. Khodakovskiy, L. P.Yatsenko)
  • Organic-inorganic polymer nanocomposites for holographic recording have been developed. 1D and 2D volume gratings polymer-nanoparticles of different type that possess nonlinear and luminescent properties have been made (T.N.Smirnova, O.V.Sakhno, L.M.Kokhtych).
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  • At installation study coherent interaction of laser radiation with neon beam
    (N.M.Kachalova, O.M.Lytvynov, A.B.Prylepa, V.I.Romanenko, Head. department L.P.Yatsenko).

  • (Senior V.M.Hodakivskyy).">

    Study of "dark" magneto-resonance field femtosecond laser
    (Senior V.M.Hodakivskyy).

  • Prof. E.A.Tikhonov and engineer V.O.Ivashkin analyze the optical properties of holographic gratings.

  • Preparing to experiment on holographic installation UIG-2M.
    Left to right: P.V.Yezhov, L.M.Kohtych, T.M.Smirnova.

  • Measurement of the angular selectivity of diffraction grating (O.K.Lyamets).

  • During the presentation of the State Prize of Ukraine in 1998.