Department of Physics of the magnetic phenomena (udder), led by Professor, Corr. NAS SM Riabchenko, was established in 1995 in the laboratory of physics of magnetic phenomena Department of Solid State Electronics. In turn, this laboratory was created in 1983 from parts department staff resonance phenomena before vidpochkuvalysya of crystals Physics Department, headed by professor, academician. NAS of Ukraine AF Pryhotko.
The department brings together experts from radiospektroskopichnyh (electronic paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, nuclear quadrupole resonance), magnetostatic (magnetization, magnetic favorable), magnetoelastic (magnetostriction) and magneto-optical (spectral studies in the magnetic field and optically detected magnetic resonance) studies of solids , krystaliv.viddilu participated in seminars with radio-organized by the Professor, Corr. MF NAS Ukraine Deyhenom, consulted him and his staff, he suffered a substantial impact. So the department arose and evolved as the development of scientific school of Acad. AF Pryhotko at the intersection of scientific school Corr. NAS MF Deyhena.

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