Research directions

Research directions

The main objective of the Institute is to perform basic and applied research aimed at obtaining new scientific knowledge in physics, thus, facilitating scientific, technological, socio-economic and intellectual development of society.

In 2004, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine approved the following main directions of scientific research in the Institute:

  • condensed matter physics, including the physics of soft matter;
  • nanophysics and nanoelectronics;
  • physics of lasers, nonlinear and singular optics, holography;
  • surface physics, emission, and plasma electronics.

Within the approved directions the priority is given to:

  • physics of nanostructures, including heterostructures in semiconductors, nanostructured liquid crystals, nanoparticles of solids;
  • theoretical and experimental studies of quasiparticles (electrons, excitons, phonons, magnons, plasmons) and the process of their interaction with each other and with defects in condensed matter;
  • physics of liquid crystals and polymer environments;
  • fundamental studies of the interaction of laser radiation with matter and the development of scientific fundamentals of laser technology;
  • studies of adsorption and electronic phenomena and phase transitions on the surface of solids;
  • study of ion beam and methods of their operation;
  • physics of biological systems.