DC glow-discharge plasma sterilizer for medical equipment

DC glow-discharge plasma sterilizer for medical equipment

The sterilizer generates dense and highly uniform plasma which is particularly suitable for fast and efficient sterilization of medical instruments, especially those with canals and deep holes. Sterilization process includes the two repetitive treatment stages.
During the “steam” stage chemical steam is injected into the vacuum-processed camera with medical instruments. Highly efficient penetration of steam into packets and hard-to-reach places is performed by a dedicated injection/evaporation system. After the “steam” stage the camera is vacuumized again, which is followed by glow-discharge plasma treatment stage.


Overall dimensions 810 х 620 х 1510 mm
Camera size depth: 650 mm; diameter: 450 mm
Camera material stainless steel
Net weight 275 kg
Operating conditions Т = 10 – 43 °C;
relative humidity 80%
atmospheric pressure 600-800 mmHG
Energy consumption average - 500W;
peak - 1100 W
Automatic control system based on 80c31 microcontroller, audible indication
Maximum temperature of instruments under sterilization 60 °C
Processing time (from loading to unloading) 15-45 min
Sterilization time open surface of packed instruments: 5 min;
instruments with closed holes: 30 min


The sterilizer is proved to be more efficient (up to 100%) comparing with the conventional sterilizers (12/88 on ethylene oxyde) and other types of plasma sterilizers (Sterrad 100, Advanced Sterilization Products; Plazlyte Sterilization System, model ABT 1.0, Abtox Inc.).
Plasma sterilization technology is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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