Department of photon processes

The department was established in 2005 at the Laboratory Photoacoustics and department of Nonlinear Optics.

  • Physics of energy transforming processes in low- dimensional structures;
  • photoluminescent, photothermal, photoacoustic spectroscopy of various actual materials of electronic technics;
  • laser and photoacoustic control of materials damaging.
  • Effect of photogeneration of sound of giant intensity inside the ensemble of thermally insulated light-absorbing microparticles is found, and model of this effect is developed;
  • at the first time the peculiarities of realization of the photoacoustic effect on porous silicon are investigated. Within series of experiments the edge of fundamental absorption of the layer of porous silicon on silicon substrate is restored. Also the dependences of thermal diffusivity coefficient and velocity of the lengthwise sound from material porosity rate are defined, and new mechanisms of sound generation are found;
  • conversion from Gaussian to polymodal type of size distribution function of silicon nanoclusters inside SiO2 layer is discovered experimentally. Influence of such conversion at the photoluminescent and photoacoustic spectra is investigated. A model is evolved explaining the nature of polymodality by accounting of the effects of interparticle interaction on coalescence stage in space of sizes;
  • technique is developed for investigation of semiconductor (CdS, PbJ2, BiJ3, HgJ2) nanoparticles incorporated both into compact (polymers) and porous (zeolites, silicagel) dielectric matrix. Manifestation of the quantum-size effect in electron excitations spectra of semiconductor nanophases renormalization is studied.
  • peculiarities of heat removal in various types of materials perspective for silicon light emitters designing are studied both experimentally and theoretically.
  • a new high-sensitive technique for determining of threshold of the radiation resistance of transparent materials is proposed. The technique is based on changes of photoacoustic response when destruction regime realizes. Approbation of technique is performed on sapphire monocrystals.
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