A novel plasma technique to coat anilox rolls

A novel plasma technique to coat anilox rolls
Anilox roll (left) and its surface fragment (right).

Anilox rolls are the key elements of the aniline ink distribution system used in printing for processing of paper and textile materials.
Based on the recent developments in plasma science, a novel plasma-based functional coating laboratory facility for the ion-plasma-treatment of anilox rolls includes equipment for pre-heating, ion cleaning and magnetron sputtering. It is particularly suitable for the high quality depositing of metallic and ceramic coating onto the cylindrical outer surface of anilox rolls.



Ion purification system Magnetron system
Energy 300 – 2000 еV Activating gas nitrogen, oxygen
Working gas argon Working gas argon
Pressure (6 – 12) x 10-4 Torr Pressure (2 – 8) x 10-3 Torr
Diameter 10 – 40 mm Sputtering TiN rate 0,6 nm/s


Due to the incorporation of a plasma-based ion cleaning stage into the technological process, the film-substrate adhesion is increased and the overall production time is reduced.
A plasma-based approach to surface cleaning is a remedy for the environmental contamination problems posing by the chemical-based cleaning and depositing methods.


  • polygraphia;
  • printing on paper and textile materials.


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