Department of optics and spectroscopy of crystals

The Department of Optics and Spectroscopy of Crystals was founded at 1996 on the base of the Laboratory of Optical Properties of Crystals (1987). The head of the department is doctor of science, professor Yu.P.Gnatenko.

  • Energy structure and dynamic of the elementary excitations in the semiconductor crystals;
  • optical and photoelectric spectroscopy of the impurity centers and intrinsic defects and their effect on the electronic processes in the crystals;
  • structural phase transitions in the crystals;
  • elaboration of the high-sensitive in the IR-region spectrum 3d-doped seminconductor materials and the development of novel effective electronic devices on their base.
  • The mechanisms of the spectroscopic manifastation of the dynamic Jahn-Teller effect for the 3d-impurity centers in the semiconductor crystals were established.
  • The emission of excitons in the CdMnTe semimagnetic semiconductors at the temperature near the phase transition: paramagnetic – spin-glass was observed.
  • The contributions of the mean everage exchange field and the thermodynamic magnetization fluctuations to the exciton magnetic polarons were determined.
  • The microstructure and the energy levels scheme of the 3d-impurity centers and intrinsic defects in the II-YI semiconductors were established.
  • The “antiresonance” in the photoelectric spectra of CdTe:3d crystals was revealed which is caused by the auto-ionization of electrons from the discrete levels to the conduction band. The micromechanism of this effect was established.
  • The new physical phenomenon : the emission of free electrons from the surface of the piezoelectric crystals under the propagation of ultrasonic waves in such materials was opened.
  • The complex studies of the layered crystals of III-YI group semiconductor crystals by doped with 3d and RE elements were carried out that allowed to establish the microstructure of the impurity centers and intrinsic defects.
  • The mechanisms of the phase structural transitions in the ferroelectric crystals were determined.
  • The physical base of the elaboration of new high-sensitive in the near IR-region spectrum (900 nm – 1800 nm) photorefractive semiconductor materials based CdTe:Ti and CdHgTe:V(Ti) crystals taking into account the real defect structure was elaborated. The micromechanism of the photorefractive effect in the CdTe:3d based materials was proposed.
  • The mechanisms of the electron photogeneration from the 3d-impurity centers : direct photoionization and auto-ionization from the discrete levels to the conduction band were established.
  • It was shown that the processes of trapping and detrapping of electrons with the participation of the 3d-impurity centers and intrinsic defects are fast and corresponds to the nanosecond region.
  • The high-sensitive adaptive photodetectors based on the CdTe:V and CdTe:Ti crystals which are suitable for the novel laser vibrometers and the laser ultrasonic systems for a remote nondestructive control of the material quality were elaborated.
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  • Head. Department of Optics and Spectroscopy Y.P. Gnatenko, P.M. Bukivskyy,
    I.O. Farina and O.O. Zhemchuzhnikova.

  • Y.P. Gnatenko (left) during their stay in the laboratory of Professor M. Kuhtareva (Physics Department Alabama A & M University, US). Right - prof. M. Kuhtarev in the center - Researcher, Laboratory T. Kuhtareva.

  • I.O. Farina and M.S. Fur'yer discuss the results of studies
    of the energy structure of new photorefractive semiconductor crystals.

  • P.M. Bukivskyy and L.M. Tarahan explore low photoluminescence spectra
    of diluted magnetic semiconductors.

  • I.G. Vertehel and O.I. Ovcharenko studying nuclear quadrupole resonance spectra
    of ferroelectric crystals with hydrogen bonds.