23 May | 2019
Access over 7,000 spectra across thousands of materials on 1 interactive platform

We hope you’ve had a chance to explore the NEW UV-Vis data that’s been added to eSpectra. This powerful research tool also provides access to all the peer-reviewed datasets published in over 600 articles in Surface Science Spectra, the definitive international journal of spectral data published by AVS. eSpectra is the only resource of its kind, and includes a variety of experimental techniques including XPS, AES, UPS, and most recently has added over 3,000 key UV-Vis spectra! If you haven’t already signed up register today for FREE to explore all that eSpectra has to offer.

With eSpectra, you can:

  • Upload and plot your own data to better understand and analyze your results
  • Compare spectra across peer-reviewed datasets from Surface Science Spectra
  • Search by material and identify peak energy assignments
  • Store and save your data and charts and share with colleagues