Holographic optical elements
І. Holographic optical elements (GOE) based on photopolymers

Holographic optical elements (GOE) based on photopolymers
Volumetric diffraction phase lattice of the transmitting type

It provides recording of high-efficiency bulk phase holographic gratings in the spectral range of 350-670 nm. Volumetric holographic gratings have been fabricated, the use of which has significantly improved the performance of pulsed dye lasers. GOE are used as polarization elements, interference filters, controlled beam splitters, dispersion elements in lasers and diffraction elements in spectral instruments.
The stability of the parameters is maintained for 5 years. Light stability under laser irradiation reaches 200 MW/cm2
The advantages of such media in comparison with traditional bichrome gelatin are the possibility of forming holograms in real time, the ability to vary the lattice thickness in a wider range.

Main technical characteristics:

Spatial frequency 800 – 3500 mm-1
Thickness 10 – 500 microns
The angle of inclination of the phase planes 0 – 25°
Diffraction efficiency up to 99 %
Angular selectivity 0,1–5°
Spectral selectivity 5 – 250 nm
The spectral range of GOE 500 – 1100 nm

ІІ. Holographic optical elements: polymer – nanoparticles

Holographic optical elements: polymer – nanoparticles
Volumetric diffraction phase lattice of the transmitting type
Holographic gratings: polymer-TiO2 and Au nanoparticles (spatial period 2000 mm-1, diffraction efficiency> 70%)

Modification of photopolymer compositions by introducing nanoparticles that have nonlinear and luminescent properties, allows creating a new generation of holographic diffraction elements that combine diffraction properties with unique properties of nanoparticles. To date, highly efficient lattices formed by crystalline (TiO2, ZrO2, CdSe/ZnS) and metallic (Au, Ag) nanoparticles in the polymer matrix have been obtained.
Diffraction efficiency is 60 - 90%, which is 2 - 5 times higher than foreign counterparts.


  • manufacture of optical components of telecommunication networks;
  • fabrication of nonlinear photonic structures and laser elements;
  • holographic protection technologies that provide an increased level of protection.


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