Electric power-saving device

Electric power-saving device

It is used to operate lighting systems consisting of fluorescent lamps and other light sources. The device registers infrared heat radiation to determine whether a human is near. Once a human enters a lighting area, the lights are turned on. And vice versa, the device turns off the lighting system if there are no human in the lighting area. The device can also be programmed to respond to the changes in the level of ambient illumination.


Maximum distance to detected human, m > 10
Aspect angle, degree 110
Operating lighting power, W 300
Endurance, hours 25000
Supply voltage, V 220
Power, W: idle mode 0
Power, W: operating conditions < 1,2


The device allows

  • to increase lighter endurance due to gradual turning on process;
  • save up to 90% of electric power;
  • improve the efficiency of lighting systems.


Radiation Sensors Department of the Institute of Physics (O.O. Strokach).

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