Non-contact spectral ratio pyrometer DPR-1 ver2

It is used for contactless temperature measurement, temperature pattern visualization and storage. DPR-1 is fast, highly precise and operationally flexible. It performs a radiance measurement in two spectral zones of a heated object, and then evaluates the object temperature from the radiance ratio adjusted to the temperature of the external environment. Computation and data handling is performed by the microprocessor.


Temperature measurement range 200 – 3000 °С
Accuracy ± 5 °С
Overall dimensions 122 x 114 x 275 mm
Net weight <2 kg
Measurement time 0.25 s
Continuous running time 8 h (accumulator)
7x24 H (power network)
Distance range 0,4 – 50 m
Power supply 220 V/50 Hz
12 V/130 mA (optional)
Warranty period 10 years


  • high sensitivity and accuracy;
  • hand-held and stationary design;
  • environmental conditions do not affect the measurement results;
  • temperature measurement of stationary and moving objects;
  • resistance to magnetic fields;
  • precise temperature measurement of objects with surface impurities (oxides, waste products etc.)


  • aluminium alloy and rolled aluminium manufacturing ;
  • metallurgy (blast furnces, vacuum melting);
  • moulding, rolling, forging, welding;
  • furnace hardening;
  • coking coal production;
  • glass manufacturing.


Special Design and Technological Bureau (SKTB) of Physical Electronics with Experimental Production (A.B. Bundza).

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