29 May | 2017
The unique invention of our scientists for Ukrainian soldiers

Surgical dressings were developed for the treatment of wounds and burns in UPS - Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine. They are based on radiation crosslinked hydrogels.

Main advantages:

  1. They give instant analgesic effect due to the water which consist of 90-95% of hydrogel which immediately cools wound and defers the destruction of tissue.
  2. They are sterile.
  3. Surgical dressings clean wounds and soak a different fluors.
  4. They also have antiseptic function. Composition of the solution provides ability to add various medical drugs to the hydrogel and the outer surface of already imposed surgical dressing.
  5. They can leak, so if the dressing will be glazed by liquid drugs such as analgesics, hemostatic, antiseptic and others, they can easily get into a wound or burn.
  6. Surgical dressings have protection function. Size of bacteria is greater than the size of the unit cell of material.
  7. They do not stick to the wound. It makes process of surgical dressing removal non-traumatic.
  8. They are transparent and it makes possible to monitor the status of the wound without removing.
  9. They are virtually airtight and due to this can be useful also in preventing the threat of open pneumothorax
  10. They are safe, biocompatible and biologically inert.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian soldiers have not possibility to use new surgical dressings due to absence of it mass production. The work of scientists of the Institute of Physics NAS of Ukraine with the employees of the Department of Macromolecular Compounds of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and specialists of "Borschagovsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant" is purely voluntary. That is why scientists which already have laboratory technology, invites entrepreneurs to finance potentially lucrative business and at the same time contribute to the rescue of human lives and strengthening of defense potential of our country.


Surgical dressings