Video reports

Prof D.V. Cheberkus, Prof. V.P. Melnik, Academician A.G. Naumovets, Academician I.R. Yukhnovskyi, Academician L.P. Yatsenko, Dr. O.M. Fesenko: Greetings speech.

Dr. Yaroslav Losovyj: Electronic structure of nano sized gold

Prof. S.S. Choi: Towards the plasmonic optical biosensor for single molecule translocation and analysis

Prof. Zygmunt Gburski: Structural and dynamical properties of argon-krypton binary mixture confined between graphite slabs: Molecular dynamics simulation

Prof. Dmitrii Kharchenko: Pattern selection in a surface layer of irradiated foils: effect of the surface layer temperature variations

Dr. Taras Kavetskyy: Carbonization and formation of metal nanoparticles processes in ion-implanted PMMA

Dr. Evgeniya Kovalska: Electrochromic Li-ion battery

Dr. Svitlana Bugaychuk: Enhanced nonlinear-optical response in hybrid liquid crystal cells based on photonic crystalline substrates

Dr. Zoryana Zhuchenko: Many-body effects in gybrid In(Ga)As dot-well nanostructures

Prof. Victor Karachevtsev: Photoluminescence enhancement from semiconducting carbon nanotubes due to amino acid doping: influence of the polymer coverage and the external conditions

Dr. Igor Goliney: Generation of pulses of excitonic condensed phase in coupled quantum wells at steady pumping

Dr. Vasyl Kharchenko: Temperature effects and adsorbate nano-sized structures formation at condensation from gaseous phase

PhD. Anatolii Bukivskii: Nature of recombination processes in PbCdI2 layered solid solutions

PhD. Semyon Ponomaryov: The key role of the wetting layer in the process of nucleation, evolution, and growth of the GeSi/Si nanoislands

Prof. Antonino Fiorillo: Zeolite thin films – current state and feature trends

Dr. Olena Fesenko: Raman and Luminescent spectra of sulfonated Zn-phthalocyanine enhanced by gold nanoparticles

Dr. Volodymyr Chegel: The plasmonic nanocontainers for regulated drug delivery

PhD. Vladimir Kondratiev: Directional resonance fluorescence from the ZnO:Al films

PhD. Yaroslava Lopatina: Hydrophilicity of Au(111) surface modified by alkanethiols: from molecule to material

Dr. Ivan Kulchitskii: Practical training concerning possibilities of participation of scientists in H2020 (Ukraine)

Dr. Andrew Stetsko: Effect of chemical vapor deposition on the morphology of the composite layer in a complex method

Prof. Vasilij Moiseyenko: Formation and Raman characterization of nanocrystalline phase Bi2TeO5 in the pores of synthetic opals

Prof. Alexander Stronski: Magnetic properties of nanocomposite multilayer structures As40S60:Mn-Se

Prof. Alexander Fainleib: Subnano-sized “particles” - invisible but effective: polycyanurate/silica subnano- and nanocomposites obtained by sol-gel synthesis, their nanostructure and properties

Prof. Iurii Gudyma: Phase transitions in Ising-like spin-crossover model with nonlinear intersite interaction

Dr. Valentyna Nosenko: Crystal structure of micro- and nanopowders of ZnS studied by EPR of Mn2+ and XRD

Dr. Yuliia Bondar: Composite polyacrylonitrile fibers with surface coated potassium nickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles: synthesis and application

Dr. Oleksii Popov: Structure designing of composite nanoceramics via reaction sintering

Dr. Galyna Rudko: Role of interfacial centers in the emission of CdS-containing nanocomposites

Dr. Volodymyr Kotsyubynsky: The effect of SO42- anions on the ultrafine titania nucleation

Dr. Iurii Kogut: Fast fabrication and thermoelectric properties of doped Bi2Te3-xSex bulk nanostructures

Dr. Volodymyr Sohatsky: Adjusting characteristics of nanolayered magnetic sensors

Dr. Oleg Dimitriev: Effect of confinement on physical properties of P3HT chains in PMMA matrix

Dr. Kostiantyn Shportko: Design of the vibrational properties of the phase-change materials

Prof. Peter Balaz: Synthesis of quaternary Cu2FeSnS4 nanocrystals via solid-state route: Up-scalable and low-cost fabrication of a challenging material for photovoltaic cells

Prof. Gertruda Klimusheva: Resonance excitation of the noble metal nanoparticles embedded in the linear and nonlinear optical metal alkonoate matrices

Dr. Zdenka Bujnakova: Mechanochemistry of chitosan coated zinc sulfide (ZnS) colloidan nanocrystals for bioimaging applications

Prof. German Telbiz: Controlled doping of TiO2 nanostructures. Potential to enhanced hydrophilicity and proton conductivity.

Dr. Nataliya Shcherban: Synthesis, properties and photocatalytic activity of porous carbon nitride

Prof. Alexander Sipatov: Nanostructures based on chalcogenide semionductors

Dr. Larysa Khomenkova: Effect of Ge content on the formation of Ge nanoclusters in magnetron sputtered GeZrOx-based structures

Dr. Nataliya Kutsevol: Thermoresponsible properties of aqueous Dextran-graft-PNIPAM/embedded gold nanoparticles systems

Prof. Aleksey Guglya: Nano-porous thin film Vnx hydrogen absorbents: method of production, structure formation mechanism and properties

PhD. Magdalena Krupska: Characterization and modification of Fe3O4 thin films

PhD. Joanna Ginter: Design and fabrication of titanium dioxide inverse opals doped with silver nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications

PhD. Olena Tkachenko: Conversion of electron beam energy into vacuum ultraviolet radiation of mixed argon-xenon nanoclusters

Dr. Matej Balaz: Bio-approach for the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Dr. Ruslan Mariychuk: Synthesis of anisotropic gold nanoparticles by using of plant extracts

Dr. Liudmyla Rieznichenko: Development of new pharmaceutical substance and dosage form based on silver and copper nanoparticles for treatment of multi-drug resistant

Dr. Anna Rybachuk: Silver and gold nanoparticles: effectiveness in vivo in treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area, development of dosage forms

Dr. Sharareh Mohseni: Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Iranian violaceae flower Pharmaceutical plant

Dr. Yaroslav Shpotyuk: Rare-earth doping on free-volume nanosctructure of Ga-codoped glassy (As/Sb)2Se3

Dr. Oksana Chukova: Synthesis and properties of the R1-xCaxVO4, R = La, Y, Eu, Nd (0 ≤ x ≤ 0,5) compounds

PhD. Daniel Pawlak: Cassie-Baxter to Wenzel state transition during freezing of water droplet

Dr. Engin Ateser: A computational study on the some physical properties of C42H6S6 molecule and its substructures

Prof. Waldemar Nawrocki: Electrical and Thermal Conductance Quantization in Nanostructures

Dr. Igor Sagalianov: Percolation threshold for polymer filled with particles of different morphology: Monte Carlo simulation

Prof. Vladimir Mitsa: Hysteresis of low temperature thermal conductivity and Boson peak in glassy (g) As2S3: nanocluster contribution

Dr. Oleg Mishchuk: Electron probe-induced soliton-like moving lines on electron spectra for nanostructured surfaces: probable mechanisms

Dr. Aleksander Dawid: Computer simulation of collision-induced spectra of confined argon-xenon mixture

Prof. Oleh Shpotyuk: Microstructure hierarchial model of competitive e+-Ps trapping in nanostructurized substances: from nanoparticle-uniform to nanoparticle-based systems

Dr. Agnieszka Chrzanowska: The Twist Bend Nematic Liquid Crystals Structure

Prof. Georgiy Tarasov: Peculiarities of excitonic processes in coupled quantum ring-quantum dot chain heterostructures

PhD. Marta Choluj: Supermolecular approximation in the studies of linear and nonlinear electric properties of spatially confined molecules

Dr. Pascal Febvre: Analysis of optimal barrier configurations for self-shunted Josephson junctions

PhD. Sylwia Sowa: Structure and low-temperature properties in alloys of selected 5f and (3-5)d metals

Dr. Rada Savkina: Nanoscale pattern formation on the surface of HgCdTe produced by ion bombardment

Dr. Andrii Goriachko: The nanostructuring of atomically flat Ru(0001) along oxidation and reduction routes

PhD. Havva Dinc: Hydrophobic surface properties of PBI/PVDF blend nanofiber

Dr. Mikhail Belogolovskii: Tunneling into a superconductor with a normal nanoscale near-surface layer

PhD. Serhii Yatsukhnenko: Nanoscale conductive channels in silicon whiskers with nickel impurity

Dr. Oleh Velychko: Electrons in the intercalated stage ordered layered structures: Description by the periodic Anderson model

Dr. Igor Sagalianov: Percolation threshold for polymer filled with particles of different morphology: Monte Carlo simulation

Prof. Vladimir Golub: Magnetic dynamics of Fe20Pd80 thin films and circular dot arrays

Dr. Artem Kozyrev: Pinning in MgB2 bulk superconductors manufactured under high pressure

PhD. Maria Khlistyuk: Thermal expansion of quasi­two­dimensional organic conductors k-(BEDT­TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl

Prof. Serhii Nedilko Structure and optical features of micro/nanosized carbon forms prepared by electrochemical exfoliation

PhD. Nikita Liedienov Structural, magnetic, 55Mn NMR and magnetotransport properties of (La0.6Sr0.3Mn1.1O3)1−x(LaCu2O4)x composite ceramics

PhD. Jan Zareba: Shaping size and physicochemical properties of ZIF-8 nanoparticles by gradual cobalt(II) ions doping

PhD. Marharyta Lakusta: The effect of a small amount SiO2 on sintering kinetics of tetragonal zirconia nanopowders

PhD. Iuliia Polishchuk: Impurity-governed structural modification of ZrO2-based composites doped with Cu and Y

Closig ceremony of NANO-2016 Conference