Scientific program

The conference will be comprised of three parts: plenary session in the morning, oral speeches in the afternoon and poster presentations in the evening.

Thematic priorities of the conference will be the following:

One of the focuses of the 3rd International research and practice conference is Possibilities in the participation in Horizon2020 Programme of EU.

Publishing of conference materials

Abstracts and materials of the conference will be published before the start of the conference.

Abstracts of each participant will be included in the Conference Abstract Book provided that they were submitted in time, properly made out and payment of publishing and registration fee made before 15 June 2016.

Publishing and registration fee is 300 UAH for citizens of Ukraine and 30 EUR for citizens of other countries.

Best scientific works will be recommended for publication in the following editions: Springer book "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials" and International journal "Nanoscale Research Letters"