Dear NANO-2016 Conference Participants!
Organizing Committee of the NANO-2016 Conference would like to inform you that payment of the NANO-2016 Conference Publishing and Registration Fee is now possible.
Publishing and registration fee for publication of 1 abstract at NANO-2016 Conference is EUR 30. One off payment, which is EUR 30 per each submitted conference abstract, is to be made by the Conference Participant to the account of the Organizing Committee (Conference Organizer) indicated in the NANO-2016 CONFERENCE PUBLISHING AND REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT AGREEMENT:

Payment conditions for non-residents of Ukraine. Conditions of payment for Ukrainian residents are given on Ukrainian version of our website

Institute of Physics of NAS of Ukraine
JSC "The State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine", Bank code 322313
Account number 25307010054297 (EUR)
Correspondent bank
Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account 9498767 10

IMPORTANT: please note that bank details of the Corresponding banks must be also used.
This payment must be made on June 15, 2016 at the latest.NANO-2016 CONFERENCE PUBLISHING AND REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT AGREEMENT and CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE must be filled, printed, signed, sealed (if applicable), scanned and sent by e-mail to the Organizing Committee. If this payment isn't received by the Organizing Committee till June 20, the Conference Organizer will not be able to include the abstracts of the Conference Participant in the Abstracts Book of NANO-2016 Conference. Please contact Organizing Committee of the NANO-2016 Conference if you have any questions related to this payment.