The annual meeting of partners of the EEN-Ukraine consortium
December 4, 2019

On the 4th of December the EEN-Ukraine consortium organized the annual meeting of their partners.

Each month, representatives of all EEN-Ukraine consortium partners meet and discuss plans for the next month. But this time, all EEN members, who working under COSME and HORIZON 2020 programs, took part at the working meeting.

The event consisted of two parts. Initially all partner reported about the annual results of their organization. In the afternoon, each project participant had the opportunity to share their experience in the project and share successful stories with all experts network EEN-Ukraine for participation:

  • information days in different cities of Ukraine;
  • empowering cooperation between Ukrainian and European business partners;
  • brokerage events;
  • EEN international workshops and forums.

There were made conclusions, which aspects should be given more attention next year to the effectiveness of the EEN-Ukraine consortium grew more and Ukrainian SMEs and innovative organizations appealed to network with new opportunities for development.