Information day in Khmelnytskyi "Participation in European Trade forums and exhibitions: opportunities for Ukrainian business"
October 10, 2019

On the 10th October, 2019 a seminar on "Participation in European Trade Forums and Exhibitions: Opportunities for Ukrainian Business" was held for entrepreneurs of Khmelnitsky region at the Khmelnitsky Center for Local Self-Government Development. The seminar was organized by Internews Ukraine within the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The seminar was attended by 24 representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the Khmelnitsky region. They listened to theoretical and practical advice on the effective promotion of their business in the EU and Ukraine, including the participation of clusters in forums and exhibitions and the organization of business missions.

Representative of the EEN-Ukraine Consortium, expert Yehor Slobodianyk, presented the EEN Internet portal and opportunities for promoting products and services in this system.

Speakers of the event:

  • ANNA AVRAMENKO, Marketing and Communications Advisor, ICC Ukraine “Organization of business missions and collaborations to enter the EU markets”.
  • OLEG MIKERIN, Expert of the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine “Services of the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office for Ukrainian entrepreneurs”
  • YEHOR SLOBODIANYK, Expert Enterprise Europe Network-Ukraine “Promotion of goods and services in the EEN system, innovation support and the EEN calendar”
  • OLEKSANDR SHEMCHUK, Coordinator of the Business Information Support Center activities “Advantages and difficulties of cluster participation in exhibition events”
  • NATALIYA BYELYAKOVA, President of the Khmelnitsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Practical tips for participating in European trade forums and exhibitions”