International training course from IMP3rove academy in Paris, France
September 18-19, 2019

Ukrainian experts got an unique opportunity to gain more knowledge on the development of innovation! Since 2017 Ukrainian companies got an excellent opportunity to compare their management innovation system innovation to compared to EU companies. More than 60 Ukrainian enterprises in different economic regions have already taken the opportunity through the project Horizon 2020.

During the 18-19 September 2019 four representatives of the EEN-Ukraine, Alexander Bedyukh, Olga Shubina, Ivanna Nabius and Olga Sagan took part in the training "Action Plan Development", which took place in Paris office of the AT Kearney European Innovation Management Academy . This training allowed the Ukrainian consultants to share ideas and knowledge with foreign colleagues and increase their level of innovation management. European Academy - IMP3rove proposed to use more new ideas for enterprises of Ukrainian. This is allows to find new partners and improve the management system of innovation companies.

Participation in the program for Ukrainian companies is opened provided the presence of free vouchers.