Enterpise Europe Network Ukraine
Enterpise Europe Network Ukraine

About us

In fact, EEN (despite the name) is a global network covering 64 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

EEN offers a wide range of services: access to market information, legal solutions, identification of potential business partners in Europe, support for innovation and technology transfer. EEN has about 600 partners in 64 countries, 6,000 experienced professionals.

In 2011 Ukraine joined the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) under Article 21.5 of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme by creation of EEN-Ukraine consortium, which included representatives of business and government, as well as scientific organisations.

Open calls

Innovation procurement broker: creating links for the facilitation of public procurement of innovation
(Deadline 4 January 2018)

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Technology profiles

Developing sensory seats for cars for measuring and analyzing the driver's physical condition (Korea)

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Business profiles

Technologies and Patents to treat celiac disease through diagnostic agents and vaccines (Italy)

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